1. i might be the most triggered person in existence right now you better watch out before my triggered level reaches max

  2. If you don't mind crumbling infrastructure that's 30 years out of date, and public servants who believe the public is there to serve their wildest power fantasies.

  3. Louisville public infrastructure has notoriously had corruption issues though, like our roads and bus system is uniquely shit for its own reasons.

  4. They told me over the phone that she claimed it was having starting issues. She said nothing of the sort. They didn’t power wash, they used brake cleaner to wipe down the area with oil. That was an additional $70. So $140 for the diagnosis and putting on the oil filter. $70 to wipe the subframe with brake cleaner. $70 to check the starter. Plus the charge for the oil the replaced and shop fees.

  5. Unnecessary upcharge. Do you think every mechanic is reputable and that couldn’t possibly be the case?

  6. What’s interesting is that when the video makes them look like heros they release it immediately, if it’s any other way it takes forever and sometimes legal action to see it released.

  7. Vincenzo’s. Worse food and atmosphere per dollar spent in Louisville hands down

  8. These are funny. They train the K-9 units in the fields next to the road.

  9. Weird. You can train K9s to falsely provide probable cause without a field.

  10. Wrong, no you can’t. These K9’s gets certified by a third party.

  11. LMAO You can’t be serious Clark? What third party? The NTPDA? The CCU National Canine Cert? The APCA? The NNDDA. The USPCA?

  12. I demo'd half a dozen showers in a facility that had sheetrock and tile, nothing else. Not saying it was right, but they did hold up for 40 years.

  13. This was the first game I ever preordered, at a K.B. Toys, did it for a shirt that I didn’t get. Tekken 3 is my fav.

  14. Lol. I just remembered getting that shirt, completely forgot about it

  15. I think you’re mistaking the date code for a serial number. A serial number is a unique number assigned to a particular item, what you’re thinking of is a date code and that can be the same for literally thousands of batteries.

  16. The serial number is literally on the top of every battery.

  17. Ask him to show you his 1099 or K1 or just ask him what a 1099 or K1 is. That’s how’d he most likely receive profit sharing. It’s very unlikely to be w2

  18. People used to do both. Eventually the city will realize that if we don't want to go downtown, they can't make us and they will stop wasting money trying.

  19. Nope. Neither of us wants you around.I just checked with all the homeless and they agree as well.

  20. Check out the local labor unions and see when they’re taking applications for their apprenticeships.

  21. Until the people of Louisville know how to act, ain’t shit moving in downtown till we get theft under control. I’m not talking about essentials like food and hygiene, I’m talking about non essentials like electronics, hardware, toys. They may have insurance on those items, but y’all act like that makes it all fine. They aren’t going to keep paying that insurance and lose money just to keep things going out the door without going through the register. Case in point is the Greenbelt Walmart. One only has to look at marketplace, Craigslist and any of the peddler’s malls to see the boosting culture so heavily ingrained on the west side, that’s becoming more and more prominent on the east side now too.

  22. Yea. It’s the hardest job I’ve ever volunteered for, but also can be very rewarding.

  23. Don't get the downvotes, this seems like a waste of resources for it to just be a beef between chains. This is clearly a worthless location?

  24. Enough about you. Let’s talk about if servers working for tips only is legal.

  25. This dude sounds like a politician, what do you mean Healthcare for all?

  26. https://www.edelson-law.com/blog/2022/10/wage-theft-outpaces-all-other-theft-in-america/

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