1. So now that we all bash Kikichu he figures out how to pitch lol

  2. No Kenney screwed Edmonton out of getting games because of Kenny's incompetence.

  3. What’s Gausmans issues now, 3 starts in a row now he’s been ass

  4. I don't think Reddit polls give you the option to select multiple answers, so select either offense or defense on the poll and if you want you can give answers to both here in the comments.

  5. Can we please DFA Merryweather and Zimmer tomorrow

  6. Haha Tapia gets criticized says Fuck you and then has a nice play lmao

  7. It’s happening everywhere. Dublin, Amsterdam, London. You only hear about Toronto so people can try to blame Trudeau when it has nothing to do with him.

  8. And? I don't care about what is happening in Europe. Most travel in Canada is to the US or Domestically. Anything that can streamline the process here in Canada to make our experience better is what's important.

  9. That’s the second time Vladdy is swinging at garbage today

  10. Now with Biggios resurgence this lineup is the deepest in baseball.

  11. I knew Teos lack of urgency/effort to chase down balls in the outfield would come back to bite him eventually

  12. This guys bat stance is so weird

  13. Not ended, just suspended until June 30, at which point all testing (including unvaccinated travellers) will be moved off site.

  14. Moving off site just sounds like another disaster waiting to happen.

  15. I'm gonna guess around 7.5-8.5. We rotate guys, but Von will play more snaps than usual compared to most of our d-lineman from years before.

  16. Anybody else instantly switch to KC Radio feed when they told you it was an option?

  17. No wonder Gage was out of majors. Dude cant throw a strike.

  18. Id be totally cool if Montoyo would relegate all pitching decisions to Walker.

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