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  1. Whatever they want to see

  2. As seen in the Tennis arc, Loid is also super humanly strong, just to a lesser degree than Yor. If anyone could survive Yor on top, it’s Loid.

  3. They’re women now. As in 100,000 currently adult married women were under the age of 15 when they got married.

  4. Gero’s family tree is shown in today chapter. It shows both 21 and 16’s real names. 16 is Gevo btw.

  5. So what I’m hearing is that Edwin was the sole sane person in this assassination obsessed family

  6. notactuallylostredditors

  7. The “head firmly in asshole” party

  8. Idk man. Some people are just dicks.

  9. All the worst parts of both

  10. Different countries have different standards for military salute. That might just be the standard Ostania salute. But it’s probably just Anya being a little kid doing it wrong.

  11. Wouldn’t the gospels authors have had access to Paul’s letters before they wrote the gospels?

  12. It’s even possible that one of more of the gospel writers actually wrote Paul’s letters. He used a scribe to at least write Galatians and likely most, if not all, of his other letters. And the author of Luke was with him when several of them were being written.

  13. Becky is a top tier wing girl, even if Anya doesn’t really want her to be

  14. Never did I ever think I'd see the day when there was a Subreddit Drama post about freaking KIRBY.

  15. Fuck me is that all one guy?

  16. This reminds me of a guy I grew up with who made a big deal out of coming out our senior year, but everyone else had known he was gay for years and thought he had been out for a while.

  17. every. single. person who has ever come out to me was so obviously gay that I have trouble coming with words good appropriate then.

  18. With this guy the general response was “yeah. We know”. He got mad.

  19. That’s 3 volumes in a row with Gear 5 on the cover. Can we go 4 for 4? Volume 106 will have Gear 5 vs Awakened Lucci so it’s a possibility.

  20. Shaka thinks one of the Vegapunks gave the order to the Seraphim, but what are the odds that it was actually Saturn?

  21. Probably cause that’s how Strange handed it to him, pulling it out of a spell and passing it to Thanos via magic

  22. I unironically want to see a den den mushi fruit now

  23. Reseat the gpu and ram, of the issue persists i'd recommend using ddu to uninstall your gpu drivers and reinstalling then, if it still persists try a different (maybe old?) gpu. And if possible somehow use it on a different monitor that has the same resolution. If the issues persist RMA the card, if they disappear after switching the monitor its likely the monitor that has a defect.

  24. I had a friend that let me swap the card into their computer and it didn’t had the glitching, but when I hooked the same monitor up to that pc it came back. Looks like the monitor.

  25. Although I understand the confusion behind Guernica, the Gorosei said that they lost on of their best agents, I'm sure he's dead.

  26. Guernica had to have survived Kaido’s attack because he got a pic of Gear 5 and Luffy didn’t transform until awhile after Kaido had gone down under the dome.

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