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  1. They're like those "special" kids.

  2. Those special kids beat azov so whats that make the nazis?

  3. They are great if your solid in your field.. youll get paid more contracting.. atleast in engineering

  4. I wish more people who are angry about CS would consider this. Just myself, I was fine living in a 1 bedroom apt. Didnt need anything bigger and was content. That would never work with just 1 kid even. Rent is expensive.

  5. No one should get more in CS than they earn themselves unless they were a housewife

  6. Well I dont agree, there are many overworked underpaid fields in today's world, just because someone isnt earning a ton of money doesnt mean they are lazy (and DO NOT tell me they should just try to find a better paying job. Many fields you have to SWITCH degrees to do that, its not the 1960's anymore).

  7. What degreed job doesnt earn 2k a month?

  8. Change your laptop IP adreess up one lol

  9. Right, I meant that the IP address matches besides the last three digits of it and the subnet matches. I am going directly into the plc with an ethernet switch. And yes i can connect through df-9 on our micrologix 1100 and rs-232 on the micrologix 1400. I also use the same cable with my old HP laptop and can connect just fine with ethernet to the processors.

  10. Check laptops firewall also see if you can ping it

  11. This is bad advice. Op doesn't need to explain anything but never withhold information. It makes you look shady in court.

  12. How is it withholding info in court if you get married after the case is done? Ill wait

  13. Not telling the other parent that you got married is withholding information that may be relevant. The other person is not responsible, but it should never look like you intentionally kept information. You don't have to tell them immediately but if they find out through income they are going be angry and spiteful.

  14. But... its not relevant to OP state....

  15. Whats minimum wage where you are from? Your math funny

  16. It's usually ~$30k, at least from my research.

  17. Not knowing the sa password for the sql database and refusing to wait for vendor to reply going thru the backdoor to create another sql admin and then changing the sa password. Destroyed db communication with hmi destroyed the batch reports had to rebuild it from scratch

  18. I told you in other comment. I dont understsnd why marry a single mother with a young child unless you planned to raise the child as your own.

  19. I think I replied to you out of order. But you think if a single mom gets married, that man should be completely be financially responsible for the kid, but the biological father should get any visitation he wants and not have any finical obligation to the child he fathered?? I have no problem taking care of the kid and I have been her sole provider for years. Dude should sign his rights away if he doesn’t want any of the responsibility. All you deadbeats want to be instagram dads and not deal with any of the real shit because you’re still bitter at your exes. It’s a joke.

  20. I got custody im not a dead beat but you a clown

  21. I only have seen one of these once.. luckily my assignment was only to integrate it into the plants network for Pi

  22. It can take more that 800 OUTSIDE of daycare to raise a child. A child should never get tob play sports? Before and after care? Should they be forced to rest unhealthy, cheaper food? Live off hot n readys?

  23. If you cant afford it maybe you should give primary custody to the other parent and get your life together

  24. Maybe you should work on reading skills. I save all the cs. I can afford for me and my daughter to live just fine on my income. Plus a parent with supervised visits can’t suddenly get primary custody, especially if there is a ppo on his wife for the child. Hahaha

  25. Im sure im way more highly skilled than you , nor would i put someone on CS unless i needed it

  26. Too bad they didnt kill the invaders 1 day they will be free

  27. I have a hard time thinking in an open office and find myself constantly wearing sound cancelling headphones. I hate it to the point where i always ask if i can see where ill be sitting b4 taking any job offers

  28. Unless you’re going to grad school or want to go to a big company that has a 3.2 or 3.5 cutoff.

  29. Thats when you come in as a technican 😎

  30. I wasnt far from that.. been making well over 6 figures for years now 🤷🏾‍♂️

  31. I havent seen any big name conservatives cheering the shooter on. But i have seen a ton of looking the other way. And white supramacist denial from big name conservatives

  32. I would find this worker and put hands on them if that was me calling

  33. Its not that bad but view at your own discretion looks like they battered him

  34. You think violent crime doesn't happen there?

  35. Yup it does and they offender doesnt get cozy cell.. this offender should be done with as the familes please.. eyes beheading removal of genitals etc

  36. Until you go to "uncivilized" extreme forums of punishment lile Suadi does it will continue

  37. I have same issue if im on my ailenware and my wife on her Mac its fine lights off turn on they flicker if i click mouse

  38. I know, but the first kill is a white woman

  39. But the first person he shoot was white too

  40. You guys can download it if it doesn't play.

  41. Its fast npw when it was first up it woulda took forvever

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