I think I have anger problems

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  1. The U.S. and NATO need to provide ATACMS and maybe even tomahawk to Ukraine to really close this thing out.

  2. Us and nato have given enough likely too much

  3. Ukraine is no ally, just a convinent enemy to russia. Who knows where this dynamic will be in 30 years... Russia has proven to be less of a threat than they appeared to be. TIWAN is more important than Ukraine to U.S. and China is a much bigger threat..

  4. Where were you in 2014 after Crimea occupation when that speech was so deperately needed, Mr. Stoltenberg?

  5. Go for them, those certificates will definitely help you. ISA are currently doing a 30% off deal on books/ training until next week so now would be a good time to buy any textbooks you've been looking at.

  6. Those books are still exp to me is there another promo code

  7. Shut up, they did the right thing the guy should have walked away

  8. I am rooting for Ukraine because they got invaded by their neighbors who are supposed to be their ally. Media had little to do with the opinion as I watch global events and have been watching Russias aggression hype up in 2012. This isn't news for most people who have been paying attention. The biggest problem was not putting proper sanctions on Russia after their initial invasion in 2014. Don't even get me started on Russia failure to uphold the Minsk agreement and other treaties they signed. Sickening waste.

  9. What you just said was media told you too in more words

  10. Fortunately Karma will get to him soon enough. It’s the hood so even though people know who it is, no one knows anything so eventually he’ll get his turn. The cycle of violence continues

  11. Ppl say that but alot of times ppl dont really know who the shooter is

  12. I almost bought a house there 3 years ago

  13. We bought our house in 2016 for so cheap, I’ll never move but goddamn it’s a mess over here right now. It was bad before the road construction.

  14. I did wendell falls instead further out but my drive is shorter oddly

  15. As time goes on i feel like its getting closer but i say no

  16. If you have a flex fuel vehicle (a vehicle that can run on E85), you should be good to go. But always check your manual for verification.

  17. Yeah but flex fuel isant as efficent as regular so is it really saving money? My truck takes flex but tank lasts so much longer on regular

  18. No i just moved PC to a diff room maybe too much load?

  19. NYC... is the guy from out of state or out of country 👀

  20. I’m not sure which way to lean here? It’s pretty obvious that it’s a justified shooting, because hadn’t he does it, the man would’ve easily slit the throat of the woman. I can see why we fired off so many rounds, to get he off her. He fired his last round because the man was preparing to stand back up and rush the officer. He didn’t follow orders after words to put the knife down as if he was ready to stand up again. I think that, hadn’t the office shot his weapon, that woman would’ve been dead and he would’ve rushed the officer and the officer would’ve had to shoot him anyways. He saved the woman’s life on this case.

  21. Lol stand back up aftee being hit that many times? You cant believe that

  22. I’m an enforcement officer. I always tell my defendants to get a second job, do a side gig, donate plasma….. but don’t get flashy and don’t. brag. Or the other party will file a petition to modify. Especially where the relationship is messy. I think our orders tend to be high and I’m not sure how some of my clients live.

  23. Yup i only pick up my oldest in my old car and never my 2021 750i which is intentionally not in my name

  24. Pretty much time your promotions right after thr modifications and youl be fine.. get a modification upgrade your job and dont say anything

  25. Yup the late night maintenace guy who swears he knows what hes doing.. and then say it happened right when day shift is coming in

  26. I agree, but If you don't understand subnetting will you understand managed switch security features?

  27. He may not understand it but without that managed switch someone else might plug something in and really cause havoc can you turn off ports on dumb switches? I remember always using silly port covers on those

  28. He deff driving on a suspended license from dwi he knew that was jail time

  29. If your a contractor yes.. as a perm employee no because you can just belame the contractor lol

  30. Am i the only one who ignored tesla recruiters on linkedin?

  31. You dont need a cnna to learn how to configure stratix switches.. pull a config from an existing switch use putty to configure new switches you can literally replace what needs to be replaced on a notepad abd copy it to a new switch yes this is basic but its a start

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