1. I understand your point it's not entirely because of the infrastructure, it's also a matter of cultur. I'm fortunate to live in a coutry with such clean infrastructure in every neighborood within the city, but when you get to some neighboroods you see that people leave their trash in the streets rather than carrying them in their pocket to the next bin, let their dog shit on the sidewalks, let their household trash at the bottom of the building rather than carrying them to common trash bins that are never farther away than a few hundreds meters away, throw stuff by their car's windows and so on. Trash are handled by the city 2 to 3 times a week, you're not billed by the amount you generate so I doesn't cost more or less, bins are barely never full, there are plenty of them, cleaners are there just as much as in other neighboroods.

  2. It could be density, a low-income quarter I have been living in was much dirtier then the rest of the city, markedly with rubbish in front if the houses, despite all the available bins. Just as you described.

  3. Seems a little more plausible. Feel that Russia might use winter to rebuild their army, so would need to happen soon

  4. Winter could be also to their disadvantage, we will see how successfull Russia manages to train snd integrate the new recruits into its army.

  5. In my mind, the more advanced technology gets the less there is mechanical motion. Enterprise has no cogwheels, everything is fields, solid-state stuff.

  6. To be fair, a lot of major Trekkies probably didn't know either.

  7. Von meinen persönlichen (natürlich dadurch sehr subjektiv) Erfahrungen und Recherchen benutzen das meist Kriminelle aus Osteuropa. Die Russen, die ich kenne, sind 100 Prozent gegen Hitler und brüsten sich mit dessen Auslöschung und Scheitern.

  8. Das Bandera durchaus positiv gesehen wird ist doch bekannt. Ist übrigens ins KZ gekommen weil kollaborateure seiner Partei dann doch eigensinniger Weise einen eigenen ukrainischen Staat ausrufen wollten.

  9. Ja, vielleicht. Trotzdem ist nicht jeder der Luther theologisch folgt automatisch ein Antisemit.

  10. Wurden im Iran erdgasfelder entdeckt oder wieso kümmert sich der Westen jetzt um die Rechte der Frauen dort?

  11. Es wurde auch über alle anderen aufstände im nahen Osten berichtet, auch über die protestwellen im Iran vor ein paar Jahren, ganz prominent sogar.

  12. Yes I’ve read this one as well. Its just that the odds are so small, it made me curious.

  13. Eye color alone is not a good enough reason to go behind your spouse's back and test your kids haha unless you're ready to be alone. Maybe if OP has examples of infidelity

  14. The odds are very bad for the child to be his: 99% in fact. That seems like pretty solid evidence to me.

  15. How about extremely strong magnetic fields? I now of a video of a frog “swimming” in air, held by a magnetic field, since the body is 90% water which is dielectric, an electric field might also work (?). Downside are the deadly lightarcs everytime you try to open a door.

  16. Hate the mirror universe too. If it's for a one-off episode it's fun, even if it really doesn't make any sense. But a whole season of the nonsense....

  17. DS9 it was darker because mirror Terok Nor was under cardassian control (garak complained about the light).

  18. Do you have any idea how much carbon is needed to build and run a nuclear power plant.

  19. They could have rigged a pig with explosives instead

  20. Pretty sure this is from pornhub. The outdated terms are likely just the search results from their own site ... Which is likely the source.

  21. Data, super-human strength, anatomically correct and programmed with multiple techniques. Writes poetry about cats and gets a professorship in Oxford (?)

  22. There are plenty of maps which distort and scale country areas according to BIP/Population/economy... I think that can be useful.

  23. Das Problem mit den Parteien links der Mitte ist aber das dort das unterscheiden bzgl. Menschen mit fluchtgrund und ohne ausserst unpopolär ist.

  24. Hahaha. Judges in family court are not neutral at all. You are so selfish and negligent if you think a nap is more important than your kid’s safety.

  25. A nap is for the kids safety. The kid doesn't gain anything if a dead-tired parent falls asleep at the steering wheel on the way to school , develops a depression, misreads medication .

  26. Oh. The poor women who have it so hard. Can’t even stay awake to ensure her kid isn’t killed. Why are women like this so selfish and weak? I’ve never fell asleep on any of my kids like that. Why are you defending her? Do you choose sleep over your kids like that too?

  27. I do sleep while my child is awake. I do hope I'll never forget to close the doors. But accidents do happen, even to the best of parents.

  28. Now that you gained interest and learned a bit more about the Netherlands, do you have a theory about why he is so invisible?

  29. It's a small country, the Leaders of Belgium and Portugal are not very present either.

  30. Im Gegenzug bindet jeder fahnenflüchtige Soldat wertvolle russische Ressourcen und jeder unwillige Soldat in den Reihen reduziert die Moral der anderen Soldaten.

  31. Sich vor der mobilisierung zu drücken indem man halt mal zur Tante in Deutschland fliegt ist eine Sache,

  32. Amnesty ist eine NGO, ob die nun da sind oder nicht who cares. Eine UN Kommission, die OECD und eventuell das IKRK, das sind die organisationen auf die es ankommt.

  33. UN und OECD sind nicht unabhängig von ihren Teilnehmernstaaten und das IKRK ist auch nur eine NGO und klar Amnesty soll ich nur auf die Verbrechen der Feinde konzentrieren.

  34. Das IKRK ist vorlkerrechtlich fuer die betreeuung von kriegsgefangenen zustaendig. In der un sind Neben Russland ja auch China, Indien, Nepal, Kongo, ... Da wird sich wohl ne unabhängige kommission bildet lassen, gerne unter Leistung eines Nepalesen

  35. So this would have been one nation, but with segregated religious regions? Weird.

  36. Mit dem feinen Unterschied, dass eine (widerrechtlich - lol) kopftuchtrangende Lehrerin in Deutschland bisher noch nicht von der Sittenpolizei ins Koma geprügelt wurde, um anschließend im Krankenhaus zu versterben.

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