1. I love this so much, it gives me the vibe of an injured/tired Champion that isn’t done with the fight just yet

  2. As the other comments has said, a Skitarii vanguard head on a tempestor prime. I believe this is meant to be an Indigan Prefect officer kitbash

  3. How’d you managed to make the two bulbs on Zetton’s body

  4. Upon closer inspection, the orientation of the face plate on the cards also corresponds to the angle of the big ‘cards’ on the suits, good to know they all won’t be slanted but we’ll see once Beroba’s suit is shown

  5. Now we need little Khorne rabbit ears for them bad boys

  6. Love what you did with the arms, and the paint jobs so clean! Very nice

  7. Tacticus has the inceptors with the bolters, not regular assault intecessors with jump packs.

  8. Inceptors are not intecessors, they are two different units.

  9. I find it pretty cool how two of the variant helmets resemble the ‘original’ beakies from the old artworks

  10. See also: the M2 Browning Machine gun, entered service around 1933 and is still in use

  11. Saving this for when I get around to catching up with the game’s plot

  12. Chaos lord can be converted to master of execution easily.

  13. What loadout would you recommend for the termie champion?

  14. I went combi stormbolter and melta gun with a chain fist but I’m not sure what options that kit has specifically

  15. I had a look at the sprue and I can confirm that I can assemble it with those options, thanks heaps

  16. I did the same thing! Although to be fair, it was also my first Ultraman media as well. We both absolutely loved it--how it was funny and absurd but also heartfelt and genuine too.

  17. OG ultraman is probably as close as you can get in terms of tone or style seeing that shin is a love letter to the OG series. Seven and Return of Ultraman is also pretty good. For Modern series, I’d recommend Z if you’re looking for something similar, but Gaia is also another good one

  18. Not sure if intentional, but the scene where he seems to accelerate through bookshelves in a void of whiteness reminds me of the Gaia Library in Kamen Rider W

  19. Ngl, the series and this pic goes hard as fuck

  20. I do it if I’ve built the kit before, though I always double check the manual before I actually put them together.

  21. Idea around this build is a Zaku (Or a war machine roughly around the same size as a human being) recovered from a former battlefield and was repaired with whatever parts were on hand.

  22. I’d say cut some small squares or rectangles from Pla plates and glue a small amount to some surfaces with some of the squares overlapping to simulate field repair of the armour, pretty tactical to me

  23. Which parts of the body should I add the armor plating? Having trouble with placement

  24. In addition to other replies, I’d say shoulder shield, legs, and a bit on chest

  25. Brothers behold! I found a spear in the Eternal Crusade’s bargain bin!

  26. A detachable Armor in 1/144 scale is definitely an improvement from the FA-78-3 Full Armor 7th Gundam HG and FA-78 Full Armor Gundam (Thunderbolt Ver.) HG which if you don't know, both of the HG I mentioned earlier, you are only limited to the MS in armored form and you cant access their base form

  27. It’s a shame that the HG FA (thunderbolt) couldn’t have removable armour since the HG Forever Gundam (based on the older G30 HG) had full removable armour, proving that they could’ve done it much earlier.

  28. The HGUC Gundam Alex and the HG SEED Duel Gundam also already had detachable armor as a gimmick, so it was definitely strange why they couldn't do it for the other kits.

  29. I honestly forgot that those kits had them, good catch

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