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  1. Except that they are, since they never end up being so precise. Referencing "the toxic fandom" is incredibly common as a way of dismissing criticism and clear reductions in quality.

  2. Nah. I mean I guess the OP COULD be doing that, but that’s not the feeling I’m getting from this post. I know when I talk about toxic SW fans it’s the morons harassing people for what they enjoy and attacking the people involved certain content. There’s no reason to lump the people actual raising legitimate concerns about decreasing quality in with that.

  3. Fun fact. Someone disagreeing with you doesn't make them toxic. You're the toxic one for dismissing others opinions like this

  4. Except with this fandom it never stops at just disagreeing and you know it. There are plenty of “fans” just champing at the bit to tell you exactly why you’re an idiot for enjoying whatever piece of Star Wars content that you enjoy that they think is garbage

  5. Expecting a subreddit dedicated to a book series that is more than 10 years old to NOT have spoilers is ludicrous. Do you think any of the Tolkien or Star Wars subreddits have a no-spoiler policy? Maybe for things that are a few months old, but Eragon has not had a new book in YEARS. The only thing you can maybe consider spoiler-worthy is FWW and even then it's FOUR YEARS OLD.

  6. This seems like a really silly take. Like yeah if they are going into random posts in the subreddit and reading everything and THEN are complaining about spoilers and getting mad that’s on them. But if someone asks a question and very clearly spells out that they haven’t finished the series, and then people go out of their way to come into that post and reply with blatant spoilers? Nah, that’s on the morons spoiling, not the OP. And from what I could tell that’s what this OP is alluding to.

  7. I mean discussing as you read doesn't really make sense, nor it allows for any thorough discussion as you miss a chunk of the story.

  8. I’m sorry what? I am constantly discussing books/series with people as I’m reading them, particularly people who are reading through the same books/series. It’s fun theorizing and seeing which predictions we make that end up being accurate and which ones are hilariously wrong. I don’t really think that’s a hot take either, so I’m really confused how it makes zero sense to you

  9. Right, but I question how anyone can find standing around and waiting for enemies to hit you randomly, instead of actually doing something proactive, fun.

  10. Well there’s your problem. You seem have an issue in understanding why other people would enjoy playstyles that are different to what you like. And it’s hilariously simple, everyone has a different idea of what is fun. I, for instance, think that mindlessly pursuing “meta” or “optimal” builds/teams in any kind of game just sucks the fun right out of it, and enjoy trying to win with weird and creative builds.

  11. It’s been a minute, does evasion also dodge arts? If so, what the fuck were you thinking , Falcom?!

  12. No it doesn’t. It also fails to work on most boss S crafts

  13. I'm gonna be honest, "Ouroboros's plan" is probably the worst part of this series. Yeah it has an overarching story with a world that changes over time, but this little trinkle of suspense and intrigue with "Ouroboros's plan" stopped being interesting several games ago.

  14. I personally disagree. But to each their own

  15. What’s wrong with his UI? There’s not really much going on with it…

  16. I mean beyond it looking like something you could torture prisoners with, yeah it’s mostly fine.

  17. Dude what? Dragons don’t stop growing. Balerion at the end of his life was the biggest he ever was. What you think he shrunk after the quest or something? Lmao and no it’s not the perspective or angle or whatever. She looks small af here.

  18. What? Like actually what are you talking about? Did you read and reply to the right comment lmao? I never said anything about Balerion shrinking, just that Vhagar in the Dance would’ve been about as big as Balerion during the conquest. And yeah, it is a perspective issue, you can disagree if you want but facts are facts

  19. If that’s the hill you’re gonna die on then go for it man. More power to ya I suppose lmao

  20. And? Aemond was a kid too, enough kindergartners/girls would take down a grown adult and at his age/size it was still a legitimate threat. As evidenced by the fact that at the end of it he lost a fucking eye LMAO

  21. Aemond is like 10 to 12. He had an easy out but he instigated and continually elevated the situation.

  22. What was his easy out? He was attacked first physically because he said some mean words. Everything after that is the fault of the instigators of the actual fucking fight lmao

  23. Basically that he understands why someone would refuse the vaccine because why care about saving other people and that people should just never go out in society again if they don’t want to get the virus

  24. ya people like you who speak in 100% absolutes are why people are resitant to adopting your ideas. Historically "climate doom" has been a lie.... since the 70s activists have said the world would of flooded 3 different times by now. You know Bio-mass pollution was worse on Earth and THEN we discovered coal and electricity and pollution improved.... There is clearly room for discussion but everytime people like you claim "100% humans fault, we are doomed in 5 years unless..."

  25. Huh that’s funny, I didn’t see him claim we are doomed in 5 years anywhere in his comment. Kinda funny you are whining about people arguing with absolutes when you are just literally making shit up

  26. If you aren't getting tired of the high school settings, go for it.

  27. As long as it’s a good story the setting will never tire me out

  28. I'm enjoying it a lot, at least the town is way better than Persona ones, the combat is like a prototype for Ys8 but way easier (mobs die in 2 hits in normal if you use the correct character). The most fun part is talking to ncp, the minigames, and Trails/Ys/Zweii/Xanadu references, for example Towa was directly ported from Cold Steel and is a character here lol.

  29. It is a contained story or does it end on a cliffhanger like trails games do? The fact that you think it beats out persona it some ways definitely intrigued me since persona is probably my favorite franchise ever

  30. I obviously dont know dragon etiquette, but seems in bad taste to gank one who just lost his rider. That aside, I did like that he went for the biggest, baddest mfer around. Got some stones that one does.

  31. I mean it’s freaking Vhagar, and dragons are sentient creatures arguably just as intelligent as humans. She wasn’t “ganked” and if she wanted to have Aemond fuck off in favor of another rider she would’ve made that plainly clear.

  32. It's a crude term. Obviously she was willing. It just seems on bad taste like dating someone immediately after your spouse dies. It's not wrong per se. Just feels yucky, or at least it did to me lol. Didnt mean to offend anyone. The comment was mostly made in humor, though plainly not good humor as I've now been lectured numerous times on dragons and their feels.

  33. Nah it’s fine. Just a little salty I guess about how many people seem to genuinely believe that Aemond committed a major crime or something here. Your humor was good sorry for piling on the lecture.

  34. Are you talking blue people Avatar, or Airbender Avatar?

  35. I mean obviously blue people yeah? What about Ardenweald makes you think he meant the shyamalan movie?

  36. Yeah I agree , but I just personally didn’t like the maldraxxus color. Just seemed very desolate, which I personally dislike. For me, Ardenweald>>>> revendreth >bastion>>>maldraxxus

  37. Bastion was just too much imo, every time I had to go there the incessant brightness gave me a headache haha

  38. man in the high castle is a much worse offender for "total waste of time" than the boys ill say that

  39. Which was a shame because the concept of Man in the high castle really intrigued me

  40. 100% disagree. The show has so many great changes/moments and the casting, dialogue, and intensity was phenomenal. Reading the comic just felt gross and unsatisfactory after awhile

  41. Very interesting thank you for the response

  42. While I appreciate the reference, it is incorrect. An Emerald in SA does not hold more light, the amount of light that can be contained is based on the size, cut, and overall quality of the gem. Their currency is valued to what the gems can be used for with Soulcasting. An emerald can be used to make food, so its the most valuable. I think diamonds are used to soulcast stone...

  43. Ah yeah you’re right, been awhile since I read the series.

  44. No he did not. Your reasoning is flawed because You wrongly assume that skellige player strategy relay from the beggining on vision using kambi in the end to counter regis. But he did not and he should not rely his strategy on that plan for very simple reason- before playing kambi (what we see on the video) skellige player was 5 points ahead and had 10 points card in hand, that means he was able to play 10 points + compass into free chosen Skellige card. We dont know what leader ability and what infusion of leader ability vampire player had but we should to assume that it was boosting unit for his base power because that deck is running rune mage for that purpouse and skellige player should assume that outcome also. So if vampire player would decided to play regis one card before predicting kambi, he might only to be counterd reasonably by trygvii or morkvaarg from compass when any of that counters would not effective because regis points would be combination of high base power and boost. So if even trygvii or morkvaarg would counter regis for his base power or boost, Skellige player still would be loosing a game. So it was not a skellige player strategy to relay on kambi in that game, it was only his luck and advantage of broken card like kambi and ingeration into opponents hand that slould not exist in gwent at all. Therefore he did not deserve to win that particular game by any means judging by points on board, yet He somehow managed luckly to do it because of broken inteaction, and that is why he probably even posted that video at all in the first place.

  45. Nope my reasoning is rock solid. All the word vomit you can spit out doesn’t change the simple fact that predicting and outplaying an opponent means you deserve the win.

  46. I guess I phrased it wrong, I do have room but it's off to the side and the way I read I can't have the book off to the side it has to be right in front of me and that's where my keyboard and such are, and it's too uncomfortable to hold the Inheritance hard covers in my hands for the entire time I'm trying to read them

  47. Ah gotcha that makes more sense to me now

  48. He "obviously cares for" his children by bitching about child support? You have the proof his wife cheated? Did he cheat first? Do you have both sides of the story?

  49. Do you? Two weeks down the road and I’ve still yet to see a sliver of evidence for why the disdain dumped on this guy is justified. You’re right that we just don’t know but that should mean we aren’t jumping to conclusions on either side of the situation

  50. She's already making her life miserable,she can't do worse

  51. I feel like if they are that irreplaceable, they should be given at least a raise

  52. Correct they should be. And companies need to be held accountable until this becomes the norm

  53. Yes it would be out of characther and again it won't be down for any other reason that to make him look bad to the watchers

  54. No it wouldn’t be. Sorry but you’re just wrong about this.

  55. Well considering she’s been lying and wants that kid tortured for calling out her lie I’m on team dorne cause they stay out of this shitshow. In fascism and tyranny the truth becomes the enemy

  56. Team Dorne is pretty much the objectively correct choice for about 90% of Westerosi history

  57. This raises a concept I hadn’t thought of. Iroh created lightning redirection, at the time that lightning was only used by a couple benders, namely Ozai, possibly azula, but she was VERY young, and Iroh himself. It would have been passed down the royal line.

  58. By the time he created the technique i always thought was at the part of his life where he was seeking spiritual enlightenment after the death of his son and was studying the other nations during his travels not out of a desire to conquer but to learn, and so creates the technique as a means to protect himself from Ozai should the need ever arise

  59. I hope it isn’t the first because based on the original show it wouldn’t make much sense, Iroh still seemed to be welcome and respected within the Fire Nation and it’s military especially, while Zuko was mocked and tolerated

  60. Personally I don't like the Legion Glow™️ that much—it always stands out and I think it would really benefit from some gentler shading or less opacity.

  61. I mean idk about you but when I’m choosing stuff to tmog 90% of the time standing out is kinda my goal. So that seems like an upside to me.

  62. Can't have a second dragon after the first one. It's why viserys doesn't have a dragon after balerion croaked.

  63. I don’t think think that’s a hard rule, technically speaking there should be nothing preventing a Targ from bonding another dragon after their current one died. It’s more that the dragons usually outlive the riders and when the reverse is true there seem to be other circumstances surrounding the rider not trying to bond again

  64. I will not stand for this Waluigi slander

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