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  1. Yeah it’s def “not a joke” and they’re not RPing. They just know they can say that stuff and get little pushback. It’s an even mix of people who really believe that stuff and people who say it to be “edgy and funny” but in either case: call em out. That shits not ok.

  2. I’ve resorted to watching older shows and reruns. It’s getting too much

  3. Ah yes, the good ol days when it was just straight, white, Christians in television and movies. Back when all non-straight, white, Christian people knew their place in media: as the side kick to their straight, white, Christian friend. How dare these show runners and writers include people in their shows that accurately represent previously underrepresented demographics. It’s all a bunch of woke PC nonsense, amirite?

  4. Ah yes, fair representation in media being viewed as “something being shoved in my face.” Classic internet take. I bet I can guess your ancestry.

  5. I’m curious what the ratio of white commenters to commenters of color is in this thread…

  6. I will NEVER understand why white folks open mouth kiss their dogs. That shits gross.

  7. I mean it is gross but doggy likes it, he gets so happy, so...

  8. The billions of foreign bacteria living in your dogs mouth love it too lol

  9. Dude looks 15. I know they say Black don’t crack, but this is something else

  10. I was in the 75th Ranger Regiment that landed at the Airport in Panama.

  11. Wait, are you American? Did we go to war with Panama and I just forgot??

  12. I couldn't pick just one! Either Band Manager, the Matrix Games or the Star Wars games.

  13. I just hate that every player these days uses one of the big swords. Either HS, GS, or Messer.

  14. Messer is definitely in the same category as HS. Just a giant pain in my ass in a melee

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