Molly and Beaux went over the rainbow bridge

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  1. Having recently lost my Baby, all I can say is my heart aches for yours. Keep a special place inside your heart for t he m to live. It helps!

  2. My Boston Lucy was absolutely insane until she hit 2 and really settled into the napping portion of her existence. Until then she destroyed furniture, carpet, woodwork, the occasional corner of a kitchen cabinet and the first few treads of my stairs. She ended up being about the sweetest companion I could have wished for. Very mellow and happy as an adult. She stubbornly would only poop on carpet because she preferred the texture. It took steak and chicken to get her to finally go outside. They are honestly about one of the smartest breeds on earth which I think works against us as mere humans. Best of luck to you, you have an absolutely beautiful girl! Enjoy the heck out of her.

  3. OMG! She is so sexy! (We used to say this to my Boston all the time)

  4. May he rest forever in your gentle love! ❤️

  5. Sending legions of angels his way full of hugs and healing! ❤️🙏🏻

  6. Live this so much! My Lucy could find the sun to lay in on a cloudy day!

  7. So very sorry for the loss of your beautiful girl!

  8. Sending so much love your way. Being a Dad who recently lost my Boston my heart aches for him and the gaping hole this loss will leave in his life. I wish you and family every kindness the universe can afford and to remember those things that drove him crazy, those are some of my best memories of Lucy.

  9. How did your Boston get an actual tail?

  10. Isis. Because let’s face it, she is a Goddess.

  11. Happy Happy Birthday!!!! 🎂🎁🥩

  12. I’m Just gonna go Tiger Stripe at this point.

  13. Good looking boy! Happy Birthday Gunner! 🎂🎉🎈

  14. They have a abnormally strong normalcy bias. They are comfortable existing in the false narrative built around them. To deny it, they must choose to let the whole thing unravel. Many of them will cling to it to the death and choose to go down with the proverbial ship.

  15. Such a handsome young man! Please give him some extra scritches from me!

  16. This is the way 😂❤️ (sorry Mandalorian reference)!

  17. No need to apologize. This is the way!

  18. I had to give my Lucy positive affirmations for an entire year before hers stood proud. He’s a beautiful boy!

  19. I’d be more concerned with your steampunk/boho/flashdance personality disorder. If you lump in the blue eyeshadow while wearing glasses this picture is the cry for help your future self needed for the multi pass to a padded cell.

  20. So very sorry for your incredibly heart wrenching loss. Having recently lost my Boston I too I can sympathize whole heartedly. I am so familiar with seldom leaving my home because of something that might come up. The only words of solace I have to offer are my sincere hope that the joy of those happy Boston memories will forever remain etched in your hearts and make the both of you better for having lived and lived such remarkable furry children. ❤️❤️❤️

  21. Welcome to our crazy world!!!! Glad to have you!

  22. I’ve seen quite a variety of Boston’s when it comes to size. If she jumps in your spot right after you get out of bed, she’s definitely a full bred Queen!!! 👸🏻

  23. I make it a point to stop ordering seafood when I hit Idaho, but that’s just me.

  24. I would like to thank everyone who commented on this post and thank everyone who gave it an upvote. It really means the world to me that so many kind people took a moment out of their day to share some kindness with me and my family. This is one of the hardest losses I’ve experienced as an adult. It truly means so much to me that so many of you reached out. I can still feel her presence in my home. I know she would be beyond thrilled to receive so many wonderful compliments and to experience the compassion you’ve all shown me. ❤️

  25. Thank you. We love you too. Honestly I am completely awe struck blown away by the outpouring of love from this community. Boston parents past and present should probably take over all Governments across the globe, except we probably wouldn’t get much done because we’d be too busy playing with our tiny angels.

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