1. As much as I love Phish, my top three is The Raconteurs, R.E.M. & The Ramones.

  2. My guess it’s because most phans listen in LivePhish, streaming services and bootlegs that they choose over SiriusXM. I remember when I started really getting into Springsteen I loved the XM start until I realized how repetitive it was. Dead station can be cool because they through more variety and solo projects.

  3. Honestly I’m surprised WME has made it this far with so many other ski film companies resorting to shorter movies in recent years. I work at a shop where we sell tickets any most people under 30 don’t care and most people over 30 go because of a nostalgic sense of tradition/don’t know Warren passed away ten years ago.

  4. Something I’ve noticed recently is how people say Back to the Future is about Marty trying to bang his mom. When actually Marty is dodging her advances the whole movie.

  5. I’d say yes. My room was fairly unkept growing up even with my parents always telling me to clean it. When I moved away to college, I began to appreciate a clean room.

  6. To my surprise, I thought Johnny's book was an interesting read. It's short and rather scant on detail at various points, which leaves you wanting more, but he wrote it at the end of his life.

  7. I’m really interested in Johnny’s book as well. I have so much respect yet so much disdain for him.

  8. Grew up thinking they actually were like a happy family, a cartoon band or a tight-knit street gang.

  9. That’s part of the reason I’m so fascinated by them. I remember how much of a shock it was when I first watched the End of the Century documentary. As a guitarist, when I first got into the Ramones I began idolizing Johnny for his stripped down approach to guitar. When I found out he was a anti-Semitic tyrant (I’m a Jew) it was a real shock, but also made their story more interesting. The fact Johnny stayed with Joey and Monte the whole career of the Ramones even though they were both Jews is why I view them as an quintessential American band, they had the good, the bad and very ugly. The music was so simple but everything around them was so complex.

  10. never knew this was a place, where is it?

  11. Half Blood Prince. Where Goblet of Fire left out a lot for pacing purposes, HBP took out a lot and added a bunch of stuff that didn’t need to be there.

  12. I’d say give it another 10-20 years to make a series based on the books. As someone who used to hate all the movies after GoF, I’ve recently become fond of the later movies and can really enjoy them aside from ways they deviate from the books. At this point I can’t imagine anyone but the movie cast portraying live action versions of the characters. If they did remake them, it would be solely for money and no artist reasons. If they were to make a new series based on the books, I’d say do it animated.

  13. I haven’t heard this album in a long time, remember really enjoying some tracks.

  14. Somewhere in the middle. Not quite the highs of late60s and early 70s but not as low as their 80s output. I view it as less an album since it was two or three originals and a bunch of covers so they could release an LP, where when they started writing most of their own material they really became ‘albums’.

  15. Most of the Billy Breathes and Farmhouse albums (my two faves), Everything’s Right, Ruby Waves, Numberline, Sigma Oases, Blaze On, Say It To Me Santos to name a few

  16. Press was saying the same thing when he was making Godfather and Apocalypse Now.

  17. I subscribed for a month for a four hour drive to visit my family for the holidays and have found it to be totally worth it.

  18. I still listen every week, even though I don’t find it to be as good as the radioshow. I do miss the episodes that were two and a half hours without ads or reminders to become a ‘Vangardista’ for more material. They kept me company on so many long cold dark drives to and from work.

  19. C-: Songs like Censershit, Poison Heart, I Won’t Let It Happen and It’s Gonna Be Alright are A tier Ramones and further proof that at this point Joey should have been a solo artist. The rest of the album I have a hard time listening to, but those 4 songs are up there with my favorites.

  20. I know he wrote it, still decided to include it in that last. It’s also pretty obvious Johnny didn’t play on it.

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