1. After months of editing down hours of footage and interviews, I've finally released my first Concert Documentary. The movie follows the reunion of 90's Hip-Hop/Jazz/Dance band Belizbeha from Burlington Vermont, as well as tells their unique story and events that led up to this reunion.

  2. Sleep Tonight, Cherry Oh Baby or Moon Is Up

  3. I think he’s a very talented director but struggles as a writer. He’s safe hands for existing IP, but isn’t very original. It seems Star Wars has really derailed his career. The Force Awakens (particularly the first half) is one of my favorite Star Wars movies, but it tarnished his reputation since so many people were just labeling it as a copy of New Hope. Rise of Skywalker seems to have really halted his directing career and he’s more focused on producing projects. I really don’t blame him for Rise of Skywalker. He had two years to make a new movie that tried to satisfy one of the most viscous fanbases in history. Even though the writing isn’t great, I find RoS is one of the Star Wars films I find to be one of the most rewatchable, as it’s fun and gorgeous looking. He’s a really talented director if he has good writing to work with.

  4. For me it was Torn and Frayed on Exile

  5. Really Keith stopped playing leads after Mick Taylor joined the band. I remember being surprised watching Stones concert footage and releasing Mick and Ronnie were playing most, if not all of the solos. Let It Bleed is Keith’s guitar masterpiece, following that album he became the human riff. Even Keith’s solo albums Waddy handles most of the solos. I remember in Keith’s book Life he describes Ronnie and his guitar style as ‘weaving’ with both playing lead and rhythm. But recent years Ronnie playing guitar parts that Keith originally played in the studio. I’ve also seen enough recent footage of Keith flubbing guitar parts I can’t see a backing track being used.

  6. Body double with the actor actually standing behind where the mirror is supposed to be

  7. Richie’s is my favorite due to it exploring my favorite time in the band, and he is just such a cool guy too. Monte’s book is definitely the best book about the band as a whole though. It avoids that subjective lens that individual autobiographies can have.

  8. I’m also excited to read his book, I’ve interviewed Richie for my radio show and he was a super friendly guy. It’s been cool to see him emerge from hiding after all these years. I wouldn’t say his time is my favorite, but it’s the one I’m most interested in. Halfway to Sanity is my least favorite Ramones album, but some of my favorite and most intimate songs are from this period. Dee Dee and Joey were on a really interesting creative writing period outside of the Ramones style. If Dee Dee and Joey weren’t in such bad health during this period, I wished they would have left Johnny behind Street Too Tough To Die. Really after Richie left the band the band went into autopilot.

  9. To my surprise, I thought Johnny's book was an interesting read. It's short and rather scant on detail at various points, which leaves you wanting more, but he wrote it at the end of his life.

  10. I’m really interested in Johnny’s book as well. I have so much respect yet so much disdain for him.

  11. I really doubt she’d perform or show up. She hasn’t performed in over a decade and seems to be really enjoying her privacy. Especially with this being a televised event. My guess is different bands will perform Stripes songs as tribute and maybe a solo Jack song.

  12. As much as I love Phish, my top three is The Raconteurs, R.E.M. & The Ramones.

  13. My guess it’s because most phans listen in LivePhish, streaming services and bootlegs that they choose over SiriusXM. I remember when I started really getting into Springsteen I loved the XM start until I realized how repetitive it was. Dead station can be cool because they through more variety and solo projects.

  14. Honestly I’m surprised WME has made it this far with so many other ski film companies resorting to shorter movies in recent years. I work at a shop where we sell tickets any most people under 30 don’t care and most people over 30 go because of a nostalgic sense of tradition/don’t know Warren passed away ten years ago.

  15. I’d say yes. My room was fairly unkept growing up even with my parents always telling me to clean it. When I moved away to college, I began to appreciate a clean room.

  16. never knew this was a place, where is it?

  17. Half Blood Prince. Where Goblet of Fire left out a lot for pacing purposes, HBP took out a lot and added a bunch of stuff that didn’t need to be there.

  18. I’d say give it another 10-20 years to make a series based on the books. As someone who used to hate all the movies after GoF, I’ve recently become fond of the later movies and can really enjoy them aside from ways they deviate from the books. At this point I can’t imagine anyone but the movie cast portraying live action versions of the characters. If they did remake them, it would be solely for money and no artist reasons. If they were to make a new series based on the books, I’d say do it animated.

  19. I haven’t heard this album in a long time, remember really enjoying some tracks.

  20. If S+ was a plus was an option

  21. Somewhere in the middle. Not quite the highs of late60s and early 70s but not as low as their 80s output. I view it as less an album since it was two or three originals and a bunch of covers so they could release an LP, where when they started writing most of their own material they really became ‘albums’.

  22. Most of the Billy Breathes and Farmhouse albums (my two faves), Everything’s Right, Ruby Waves, Numberline, Sigma Oases, Blaze On, Say It To Me Santos to name a few

  23. Press was saying the same thing when he was making Godfather and Apocalypse Now.

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