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  1. Bojangles fried chicken and cajun fries. Fuck up my whole morning, Daddy Bo!❤️🔥

  2. Idk about worst but San Diego is so damn overrated.

  3. I would imagine it would depend on what you are looking to get from the conventions. Networking, preview new games, attend for the convention's theme or topic, etc.

  4. Networking with other streamers, along with brands in gaming, tech, etc.

  5. I also remember seeing this movie on tv when I was young. It was in the early to mid 90s. There was an evil little girl who made the old woman keep cutting her own fingers, against her will, but the woman didn’t react because was in sort of a trance. There were definitely crows or ravens that showed up whenever this little girl was doing something evil. Can’t for the life of me find this movie and I’ve been looking for over a decade

  6. AND ANOTHER THING: Stop making your vods subscriber only. In a world where people put streams on youtube, there's no reason you should be doing this. It makes it hard for people who stumble on your stream offline to get to know you...

  7. Yeah, and like... I dunno if it's just me but I find it kind of obvious when someone just naturally has a bit of a potty mouth (hi) or whether they're doing it purposefully to be edgy or put on some kind of act.

  8. EXACTLY. That's it. Its unnatural and obvious. Like, I love the sound of an Irish woman's accent, melts me to bits. But if someone fakes that accent its obvious and cringey.

  9. Not really possible i'm afraid, you are better off just putting your tag

  10. Ah, you might call that an unacceptable use then, eh? ba dum tss

  11. Okay got it, so the only external links discord generates are for servers then, not profiles?

  12. There is a lot of content in this game, but to my knowledge none of it is "missable". So I would do everything on 1 file without seeing any need or benefit to starting multiple saves.

  13. So say i choose characters a b c and d, and go thru their chapters 1-4. Can i then go back and grab characters e f g and h and go thru thrir stories on the same file? Or do i start a new file?

  14. Vampire the Masquerade. I actually burned out hard from that game after that and only recovered after gming for a group of only 2.

  15. I read 14 and immediately knew "masquerade" lmao

  16. I agree, but compartmentalizing information only works so much; once you know something OOC, even if you try not to, it's going to impact the decisions your character makes to some degree or another. Best to just keep the players as ignorant as possible so their decisions are as genuine as possible.

  17. And more than this, even if it doesn't affect your decision making as a player it affects your experience. Ideally you get to experience these surprises, and don't have to be like "oh yeah, i give the totally not a vampire merchant the bottle of monster blood he asked for...cool"

  18. I know I'm super late to this and don't know if it's been solved, but this screams Sarkhan Vol to me

  19. Vampires... there are 2 playable races in the Plane Shift supplements. Zendikar vamps can make minions, Ixalan vamps get stronger from feeding. I recommend the Ixalan ones so there's fewer things running around for you to keep track of.

  20. Ill be honest i totally forgot shifter existed lol thanks!

  21. At no point have you said what your shop will be selling, so what will it be?

  22. For something to fail on the internet at the scale that YouTube is at now, something else has to be waiting to replace it that's just as good if not better, and that doesn't exist right now.

  23. Can someone please give me ob woth the Ditto pokemon face? Thats all i want...

  24. I would definitely cut the Cultivates for the last 2 Oaths. Oath will never be a dead draw late and can often find you the Smasher you need to win the game.

  25. I agree on the cultivate cuts, a reverse bell curve for the CMC avg is best here.

  26. In my opinion, karn seems great. You don’t play karn, usually, because of great synergies in your main deck; rather, you play karn so you can grab sideboard silver bullets so your main deck is preboarded in game one against an opponent. Often times it lets you win game one when they aren’t prepared for your strategy but you came with the ability to be prepared for theirs.

  27. I somehow overlooked the -2 this is a great point! I think ill sub out a matter reshaper for a 1-of Karn. Not sure what I'll put in the sides for silver bullets but I'll have to do some digging. Thank you! (Respect crom a circa 2015 tron player, as well! Times have changed lol)

  28. I legitimately think, at this point in the game meta and their current iterations, the legends who would have the LEAST impact on the game by leaving would be crypto, maggie, and LIFELINE (and probably Bang, but I'm an OG Bang main and will NEVER ADMIT DEFEAT).

  29. The argument against rental services and not owning anything while simultaneously backing the Arena economy of unsellable, un-dustable cards 🤣

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