1. Mass effect 1. It was so dark and you could only turn their face a little bit and multiple times I’d create a face that I thought looked fine but then when the first cutscene rolls and they start talking they look like a sideshow freak

  2. I always stick with the basic Shepard for this exact reason.

  3. I did a couple times across my many many playthroughs of the trilogy but for the most part I like creating my own

  4. Nothing wrong with that! I could never get him to look remotely natural if I tried to base him on my appearance. It's probably because I'm a pasty ginger though.

  5. Yeah we should just throw the whole country away now that there's a video of a kid communicating that he's choking to the nearest adult so she can save his life with one of the most well-known first aid techniques of our time.

  6. Nah I’m just saying the kids killing themselves and the adults killing each other they ain’t got no chance

  7. This is a video of someone saving someone else's life. I understand the sentiment and all, but it's just not relevant here.

  8. Well it just is about Tesla having could have had lower prices along and push out for quantity and still do good as a company. But it’s not like a 10-15k price drop on 55k+ car would do much for everyday people. Only the people who would want to spend that much on a depreciating asset. It does get you places so it’s an asset.

  9. $10-$15k off on a $55k car makes a huge difference for everyday people, and all vehicles are depreciating assets.

  10. I'm 4 years free of tobacco, and menthols were all I ever smoked. I'm still addicted and I love them as much as I did when I was smoking a pack a day, but if menthols got banned, I'd be tickled pink to know I'd never be tempted to buy another pack.

  11. I'm not sure, but I think he's talking about pic 1/20 that shows Steve Bannon on a split screen with whatever that other guy's name is.

  12. I love how everything is just Trump playing 48d chess to these loons. And when did Obama go into hiding?

  13. I’m a woman, but my husband and I disagree on camping. I enjoy camping and I love how cheaply I can travel while camping. We took a 15 day vacation a couple of years ago where we stayed in state parks the whole time. Our TOTAL accommodations cost was $400.

  14. I'm not a relationship scientist or anything, but it sounds like you and your husband could work together and plan a vacation that doesn't make one of you miserable.

  15. Is that just seven patties of ground beef between two buns?

  16. The comparison I like to share is that of Charles Manson. He was a hellacious murderer, a total nutcase, serial killing madman. Right? RIGHT?? No, Manson never killed anyone. But he was directly responsible for the events of the "Manson Murders". He directed, coordinated and planned it and he went to prison for murder.

  17. Charles Manson could have gotten old smoking weed and riding dune buggies in the desert with some badass hippie chicks, but no, he went and blew the whole thing over some dumbass race war he imagined up.

  18. The 'race war' thing was just an attempt to plant evidence to try to fool the police into looking at different subjects. The murders were due to crazy people who were also taking LSD.

  19. So he could have just smoked week and rode dune buggies in the desert with some badass hippie chicks?

  20. I would apologize and give them a gift card is this was my store. The customer is always right. What store is this?

  21. Give them a gift card for what, paying for their groceries? Waiting on a cashier if you don't want to do self-check isn't a hardship - it's a choice. Who knows what kind of stupidity pulled the associate away from their register, but they came back and did their job.

  22. That's a cute action figure. Did your husband buy it for you?

  23. Comparing Spiderverse to Velma is an insult on two levels; Firstly, they didn't genderbend/raceswap an existing character but instead created a new, compelling one. And secondly, Spiderverse pays respect to Spider-Man mythos instead of hamfisting a self-insert protagonist into a franchise whom has nothing to do with the original IP, but instead uses an established franchise to tell a story no fan wanted instead of creating an original IP.

  24. I mean honestly if you take away all the evidence there's no proof he did anything wrong.

  25. So are what point do we just accept that he's an Andrew Callaghan style YouTuber that's just been getting one over on the American populace this whole time?

  26. I’m calling out the diametrically wrong way the term anti-fascism is being used in pop culture today to excuse actual fascist methods and its cult-like inversion of reality. This man, shows you what a true anti-fascist is capable of and I will remember his name and teach it to my children. You’re welcome to have a problem with that.

  27. Care to elaborate, or should we just keep assuming you don't know what words mean?

  28. Now beat the weapons. Gonna need to grind some more. I beat this game over 20 years ago. Classic. Never gets old. Congrats

  29. Ruby and Emerald are nightmarish. Idk what the hardest fight is among those two and Omega Weapon in FFVIII, but I hated them all.

  30. I put it off for a long time because I was turned off by the idea of it not covering the entire story. I remember the tech demo so many years ago that teased a remake of FFVII, only to be let down year after year when the game never came out. When it finally did, I didn't even want it anymore. Boy was I wrong, because the remake is my favorite game of the past decade, and the hard mode is very welcome as the base game was a little lacking in challenge.

  31. Absolutely -- it will be posted to my YT channel (probably early next month). I want to avoid transgressing any self-promotion rules here, but if it's permissable I'd definitely be happy to share the link when it becomes available.

  32. I just wasn’t sure if you thought it was a puppet or robot or such :D just wanted to make sure you knew it was in fact a person in a “suit”

  33. Hey thanks for responding! To be honest it never crossed my mind to even consider how ET was portrayed, so I'm glad you shared that with me because I probably never would have learned it. I'd say Jurassic Park is more than half decent. It still holds up for the most part, but I'll concede that nostalgia is a factor for me.

  34. Oh I love Jurassic park I just mean before it stuff was pretty rough.

  35. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I'll have to check that out!

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