1. Pitch all your tunes down so they're slower.

  2. yea acs custom in the uk made mine they are awesome and you can still have a conversation with people and stand next to the front speakers without any issue or ringing the next day

  3. Sounds corny but you gotta be part of a scene. Go out & become a face.

  4. Put on your own night. As a promoter. Start your own night & invite guests to play, with you as a resident/regular DJ. Sooner or later other DJs will book you for their nights. It's exactly what i mean by getting involved in a scene.

  5. They're basically like the King's Guard outside Buckingham Palace. There for pomp and circumstance, probably well trained lapdogs that will brutally handle a feeble average human, but probably no good up against, say a Navy Marine.

  6. Beefeaters are at the tower of London, not Buckingham Palace.

  7. Great album but Haunted Science is my fave OT album.

  8. If it works for you, do it. There are no rules.

  9. sure - it's pretty heavily recommended that what you do should sound good tho.

  10. Sounding good is subjective, but yes, I agree.

  11. Been to all three & I'll be going this year too.

  12. My brain goes bad on this combination of cursive and block letters. Really, is the trend for this summer's festival lineups to fuck up the fonts? Form over function smh

  13. Craig Richards does it. It's his art. That's his aesthetic.

  14. Ha! If you were there you could have just asked.

  15. Maxinquaye. What an album. The soundtrack to my A levels.

  16. Because they can turn the booth monitors down.

  17. Might I suggest some custom IEMs?

  18. Why is having 4 channels only specific to DnB?

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