1. How many times has this happened with you lol

  2. I have my main ten cards on a clip mounted above my machine and the rest rubber banded together. I rarely ever need to use anything but my main ones

  3. I really feel this, especially now. People got better right after shutdown but have gotten way worse since.

  4. We usually refer out door frame work, that's about it. We'll service locks, door hardware, door closers, safes, access control, intercoms, rehang glass aluminum doors, and replace steel doors. Something it feels like we do too much and the technicians are expected to be proficient at everything.

  5. Never use Sargent GMS mortise Cylinders either. The keyway isn't usually cut right and you have to file the bottom of the keys

  6. Yes that works, but then you can't cut duplicates off that key very well and you have to file the bottom of the key off on any key that needs to work that lock. If it's an existing key system that they have keys to, that would be impossible

  7. I got it at my local gun store. He had it hanging on the wall a couple years before I bought it. Luckily I got it a couple months before he retired and closed up shop permanently

  8. I saw a Von Duprin just yesterday that was "dogged" with rope tied around the push pad instead of actually being dogged

  9. Habitually not planning ahead, then buying things from convenience stores. I understand that occasionally there will be times when you need an unexpected drink or something, but most of the time, if you know your habits, you can stock up ahead in relative bulk or buy from a cheaper retailer or even online, and pay less per item.

  10. I can't stand this one. I see my coworkers spend $10 a day at the gas station for low quality food and drinks instead of packing a lunch

  11. You can buy "snap cap" dummy rounds for dry fire practice. Usually it's best to not dry fire a 22 otherwise

  12. Check with local screen repair stores, sometimes they will run a special discount for demonstrating screen changes in their new employee training

  13. If you put a security collar on there now they'll pull the door open with their key (more than they already do)

  14. I have a standard height Nissan NV van where I work now. I've always thought a pickup truck with a large fiberglass or aluminum cap would be nice to keep noise down

  15. I used a pickup truck before I got my cargo van. It was a 02 Ford fx4 flare side super cab and with the back seats flipped up and a job box chained in back, I was able to make it work. Sucked when it rained. But those camper shells would be great I just could find one in the price range I was willing to do and the cargo van deal happened. I still have that truck and the cargo van as backups. The Stepvan works great but it ducks on the highway. 65 top speed , brick on wheels…

  16. One of our access control guys used to have a truck with a cap. It seemed luxurious compared to a cargo van. It was the bosses old truck and it even had leather seats

  17. Silly civilian, the rules are for you. Not for the people who make the rules.

  18. That reminds me of a fire department building I was at, where half of the fire exits are blocked

  19. Just switch it to fail secure and your problem is solved

  20. I think you mean fail safe. Then normally it would be non-powered to stay unlocked

  21. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2017/06/15/doomsday-223-four/amp/

  22. Besides all the other issues it wouldn't pass fire code (because it could be too confusing) or ADA code because of the knob

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