1. I think we're starting to see the harsh reality of the current economic system.

  2. I think we see it, and restaurants are starting to really see it too. Prices are going up, and it seems like its getting harder and harder for them to maintain good employees. Prices have to go up to be able to pay people more, but then their business suffers until all restaurants raise prices. It's a process and it will take a while.

  3. Gotta also factor in variable expenses like beans, milk, cleaning supplies, if you’re being honest with yourself. I suppose you don’t have to mention it to the spouse though lol. My simpler setup of a GCP and silenzio was paid off in like a year and a half. But more or less even an expensive setup could probably pay for itself within a few years depending on current and future usage…then leave you green for the remainder of its long life [potentially forever, depending on tech support issues regarding app functionality]

  4. Then you also need to factor in the cost to drive to the café, including vehicle maintenance, time, and the wear on your shoes.

  5. This fucking guy carries the gun in his pocket and fiddles with it like a fucking fidget toy

  6. It makes him feel safe though.

  7. Dude almost shot his pp off. How are you safe of you have a loaded gun aimed directly at your balls everytime you walk out the door

  8. I hate that I have to go back to add a sarcasm tag to that.

  9. Don't worry it's now end to end encrypted before the stream is sent to the media player unencrypted!

  10. No just a lot of potatoes to cut (which I’m not very fast at) time to boil them, cool them, then do a first fry all in small batches, then cool them down for half an hour, then do the final fry.

  11. People underestimate the time it takes to make good fries from scratch.

  12. It kinda pisses me off that most barbers are cash only. Why should they get to pay less tax?

  13. How much do you pay for your cash barber? Where are you living that most only accept cash?

  14. https://www.amazon.com/Mediclean-Germicidal-Cleaner-Concentrate-221591909/dp/B00LW5TLJ8/ref=mp_s_a_1_8?crid=88ENBD5GI9VL&keywords=mediclean&qid=1675109138&sprefix=mediclean%2Caps%2C214&sr=8-8

  15. Jokes on them, I’ve had music disabled since like 2018

  16. Same. Since about 2 days after they started putting music in the game. 2018?

  17. It's a kind of stupid response. The question isn't about vscode vs PhpStorm.

  18. I thought it was an obvious joke response. No need to get upset.

  19. It's even worse when you try to compliment the opposing team's goal.

  20. I'm pretty sure I read that 'Weed & feed' is illegal in Canada, partly for the reasons you mention. The timing and amount of the application of the fertilizer and herbicide are off.

  21. Not just weed and feed, even spot treatment with the good stuff in it is banned here. The products they do sell for weed control don't work, and most of us resort to hand picking.

  22. Why ask this, with all those outlets you are over the rules governed by the nec code. To lock a breaker on, you can place a lock on it but it will still trip internally Be safe and do the math that you need to provide protected power to you devices, remember the 180VA outlet

  23. Nah after the wall plug the rules don't apply. It's fine, just need to make sure you alternate running space heaters off it so they don't all run at once.

  24. So I, a law abiding citizen, did the right thing by not claiming what I was ineligible for. But people did it anyway resulting in too much money in circulation and throwing the inflation into spiral.

  25. You just need to do things on the fringe, where you can claim you did an oopsy and then fix the problem by paying it back when you get caught.

  26. Interesting. I’m in Canada. I wonder if that’s the issue.

  27. I'm also from Canada. South Ontario. Been using Usenetserver for around 4 years now and speed has always been max on my connection.

  28. What Usenet are you subscribed to to get those speeds?

  29. I get 140MB/s with Usenetserver, the limitation is not Usenetserver so I assume it would do 160 np

  30. yeah i figured that, was just seeing if there was a good quick temp fix but it would probably just make it look worse

  31. Call in to your local junk yards. I had a damaged bumper it took them a few weeks to find one but then I just installed it myself without too much trouble. I think it cost me like $200.

  32. If you’re gonna go with lvp, make sure you use only the luxury lvp plank flooring.

  33. What's the L in LVP stand for again?

  34. That's having obsessive thoughts, it's not specific to programming. What can help is to keep replacing them with other thoughts, when the obsessive thought comes again try not to stress too much about it and just replace it again.

  35. I honestly think learning to program is very rewarding for people who have this kind of thing. I relate it to not wanting to stop until you find a solution to something and finding satisfaction in it. Learn to love it and you'll love your career.

  36. Take the 5 year and don't listen to these people who say 3 years. They were also the ones who said to go variable when rates were less than 2% on a 5 year fixed mortgage.

  37. Go variable and don't listen to any other opinions. /s

  38. I treat anything i send to chatgpt as public. People keep talking about using chatgpt to code but you're essentially sending proprietary information to unknown actors.

  39. Starting to feel like I shouldn't be using it to build my environment files.

  40. I shovel mine and the neighbours, it’s easy, quick exercise and (looks outside) the sidewalk is currently clear and wet. It’s not that tough to be a good neighbour.

  41. Honest question, are you liable for the condition of the sidewalk if you do that?

  42. Looks like a coyote in the winter to me. There are tons of them in and around the city.

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