1. you may not believe this but, i posted that in sub announcements for this exact reason

  2. Click to bind key when It's in the gear/place you want to bind, or check input using some 'controller mapper'.

  3. Bro I'm saying I CANT do that, it automatically binds to something else, there is deadass no way around it I sweaaar

  4. A good one I personally like is when Betty White had a black person on her show despite the threats of cancellation.

  5. I'm a mix of Joey and Nick, btw Joey is 100% true I'm so ready to die if it means my teammates get evidence, and you better believe I'm cursing the ghost out with my final breath

  6. It might be some fun for you to start over lol.

  7. If you right click on your speaker at the bottom right of your screen and go into sound settings you can then have a look at outputs and inputs for applications. For secret lab mine is set to high quality audio device for input (which is my mic) rather than default. Try that if it's still not working. Another thing to check is just have a look on your microphone if there is a switch sometimes you can just bump the switch and it mutes the mic, but leaves the speakers going if it is a headset. Hope I could help you with your issue!

  8. change the default search engine in chrome back to Google

  9. It is google. I'm in google chrome but when I search something it goes to microsoft bing

  10. I unironically listened to Master Oogways theme for an hour straight while playing Orochi

  11. They just kept pushing for me to factory reset my headset, fuck. that.

  12. i fixed my stick drift, but at the cost of ripping out one of the led by accident

  13. I'm kidding, I love you and everyone else here I love him because he brings out the worst in me. He is the biggest femboy and I would absolutely DESTROY his bussy

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