1. They might want to intentionally lose one, it doesn't go well for NFCN teams to go undefeated in preseason

  2. I know exactly what the bad decision is but much like my franchise im gonna do it anyway

  3. Dudes a night and day difference for our defense when he's on the field.

  4. Class act and a total baller on the field. Watching him become the Top 2, not 2 WR in the league was a privilege we all should cherish.

  5. Your organization is a perfect representation for our current government.

  6. I had Nick Bosa for CPOTY last season. Man posted 15.5 sacks while playing like he never tore his ACL the year before.

  7. a.k.a. "This kid sucks ass but we don't want to be rude about it."

  8. Jimmy Haslam and Andrew Berry need to be tried for treason over this shit.

  9. And this is setting up Watson to play against Houston upon his return.

  10. Kizer sucked ass at Notre Dame and he sucked ass with us so that's not a surprise.

  11. Can we call our defense Snow Patrol? That would be a cool nickname

  12. Tyler Goodson can be "good" enough to make it to RB4 on our roster if the cards fall right.

  13. Even as a Viking fan heโ€™s awesome imo. I just canโ€™t stand playing against him and his super bowl victory lol

  14. Guess that could mean that a contract extension for Lamar is close to being finished.

  15. It's the combination of that and that every one of us wanted Olave as our WR1

  16. You know damn well that we're gonna waste our 1st rounder next year on a safety that isn't projected to go until the 3rd round and not go WR until Day 3 because Gute's gonna Gute.

  17. Iron sharpens iron. Saints and Packers to be top 5 defense. If Jameis keeps it going before the injury, weโ€™ll have a shot at the playoffs ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

  18. Honestly Saints could at worst be a high wild card spot, just don't know if they can keep up with Tampa however.

  19. Ed Ingram might well be the steal of the draft for the Vikings. Just make sure to not bring him to any Lambeau games, as the stadium is within 500 feet of a playground.

  20. Your best chance to win a championship came in a year where you could have done so in your own stadium, and instead you got your cheeks clapped in embarrassing fashion in front of the whole country and then immediately committed to long-term mediocrity.

  21. Don't forget they defaced the Rocky statue with purple and yellow dreck before the game and then proceeded to cry foul in front of national media after they got Dad-dicked by Foles.

  22. Isnโ€™t hot ass supposed to be a good thing?

  23. Deguara sucking ass is nothing new but "he's so tough coming back from injury" so he gets praised until he drops a pass thrown perfectly to him.

  24. I smell the 2015 broncos. I really do

  25. Only difference is Rodgers is still balling tf out whereas Peyton was being held down by injuries.

  26. Manning was balling in 2014 still. Then had 2015 was horrible. Let's hope this won't happen to Rodgers

  27. Rodgers doesn't have any injuries or medical issues that'll affect his throwing ability so he should be ok.

  28. Colts don't give out A-level contracts to B-level players. We give out C-level contracts to D-level players hoping they perform at B-level.

  29. For a team whose symbol is a horseshoe, you guys canโ€™t seem to keep Luck on your team.

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