1. OKC is a farm team. I doubt they’ll ever contend again.

  2. The majority of the league is essentially a farm system for 3-4 teams, sadly.

  3. Cowherd's whole job is to say things that are just inflammatory enough that people pay him their attention.

  4. You know you've won and will continue winning when people aren't only watching and sharing your current content, they're still sharing your content from 2007. His schtick works very well, unfortunately.

  5. I hope the owners vote him out just so they can rebrand as the Wolves.

  6. It'd probably also help if you stressed a little less over trivial things like what a rich guy spent on dinner one night. Not trying to be mean, just a suggestion.

  7. Lol I'm not stressed about it I don't give a shit and I know he can afford it. But it doesn't mean it's not ridiculous, rude and that it's not hazing.

  8. Do you usually randomly drop your baggage on people when it's completely irrelevant to the topic at hand? And you wouldn't buy an expensive dinner for someone who makes significantly more than you? Sheesh, I don't think it's going to work between us, Ashy.

  9. Tomlin definitely did that shit on purpose, no honest fan can deny it.

  10. That's actually a good comparison. Our offense and playoff performances have been a lot like a meal from McDonald's: cold and disappointing.

  11. Excited to see which fanbase gets the privilege of obsessively defending that moron's comically idiotic bullshit next season.

  12. No, he'll likely decline further. His fans ejected per game stat will be up though since he'll probably be even more sensitive about it.

  13. This dude is gonna post every Warriors article on the internet lol

  14. I have like 4 variations of Pat Bev's name filtered. Expecting the type of users who post talking head garbage to spell their names correctly is unrealistic, sadly.

  15. Yeah like something about his stupid alien face or something. What children.

  16. Steph looks like a jack-o'-lantern. Gapped teeth, big ass dome and all.

  17. Whatever suspension Groper Cleveland gets won't be enough.

  18. I know there will be hot takes but having American culture shown in China is a good thing. Lot of charged propaganda both ways when there’s no benefit of it for your average Chinese/American

  19. Yeah, we need to show the world just how morally bankrupt you can be if you pretend to give a shit about a convenient few social issues.

  20. He wasn't accused of rape, nor has he been charged with it.

  21. If Garrett got 6 games for swinging a helmet at someone's head Watson better get more than that for sexually assaulting 26 women.

  22. Dolphins really fumbled this one. All they had to do was get a coach who could utilize him.

  23. Flores is a great coach, playing one of the league's best safeties out of position and benching a rookie QB struggling with confidence issues multiple times were some absolutely brilliant moves. Everyone loves Flores' moves.

  24. I've interacted with too many student athletes in college to be surprised by this kind of shit. Disappointing nonetheless.

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