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  1. They are just being toxic. When Clash first started emotes were called taunts. They relabeled them once they figure out how toxic people could become once they start losing. The cause of this toxic behavior is a combination of psychological projection and displaced aggression. When people start losing they can safely discharge their frustration/anger on an anonymous person. Aka..."kick the dog" effect. So, when someone taunts you, simply realize they have poor self-esteem or are taking a game way to seriously.

  2. Because you're a sussy baka. Fuck it, lets play hide and seek now that you revealed it.

  3. counter question: why should we? what if we want to collect stickers? but my main reason is because im lazy and dont want to take the time to do it

  4. that was the point of my question, to learn what people like to do with their stickers! i’ve learned there are a lot of collectors out there! i’m sorry if my question came off as rude in any way, i was just purely curious

  5. no it wasnt rude its fine. but yeah most people collect them

  6. I live in nebraska, why shitty? just want a reason. it hasnt grown because the state is almost entirely full of fields that produce the food that YOU eat. shut the fuck up.

  7. The last twitch drops were lame with no skin, so maybe they don’t care about twitch drops anymore.

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