1. Raccoon at legendary also had rebirth but it is its other ability that puts it over the top pushing all monsters to the top and shooting them with missiles. So if I didn’t have raccoon at legendary I would use both raccoon and butterfly together and my 3rd pet would be yeti. But as soon as you get raccoon at legendary cut the butterfly for a sea dragon

  2. but it's good for tower, also you dont need the pushback from Raccoon in punrank

  3. People are spending tickets to get the next chest this Sunday. They need gems for spending event and Zeus item

  4. Yea, that dmg can't be from the free daily chances Im doing average dmg 20B per round, got totem stuck many times, and my total dmg atm is 500B using free tickets. I'll give up this week, gonna try later when those crazy guys finish their tons of tickets

  5. i got epic bracers but i just use in ruins boots i use in almost everything

  6. If you already have the legendary boots I'd just wait. Bracers suck and 1 more epic boot won't help even if you did get lucky.

  7. I would spend it on Zeus I got the boots from the first 15k gems so its possible for you to get it too

  8. i think duplicate boots is better, Zeus ball is good but ofc not better than some double special balls from duplicate boots

  9. I lucked out and got 2 bracers from the event which means I could take it to Legend +3. I don't have Hades bracers, do you think the raw damage from bracers makes it worth using?

  10. Zeus is better than any other gear if both are the same grade like legendary or honor .. etc i just mean those parts are less than other zeus

  11. I bet you over the next week or two, you will start to forget about this and not even care that you didn't get the best gear. You're emotional now due to it being fresh, but give it time and don't take this game too seriously. You'll start enjoying the game again soon after.

  12. actually i feel bad that i spent my gems for those 2 parts, both are trash i see..

  13. My advise is stop at this stage, if you have any hope in dailys and punrank

  14. I noticed this little pic of zeus many times before it just disappear when u try to click and wont show again also it has no meaning

  15. I can’t believe I spent time counting this but I totaled it to 31,500. I might have miscalculated a bit.

  16. actually i loved it, specially the idea of fighting other players is awesome

  17. getting a zeus piece with less than 50k you are very lucky, last event i spent 44k and got nothing.

  18. Hello everyone! I am currently torn between whether I should wait for Zeus event or roll for better pets. It seems to me that upgrading gear gives way better value stat-wise than upgrading pets, so I’m leaning towards waiting for Zeus event.

  19. Guys go get it. I got a raccoon in 1 one draw.

  20. I used artifacts on the two minions in the second column to the right. Once weakened, that opened a path to the top. A couple of lucky shots and instakill balls helped me take it out in a couple of turns after that.

  21. Last Zeus event the probability for ss was 0.5% but this probablity should at least give 1 ss per 44k gems (0.5*200 box = 100%) but ofc that wont happen

  22. My damage is 40k and this round I got to total of 89B. On a good round I can get 9B in a single go.

  23. Right, here's the list of my equipment: Poseidon wand, honor, lv62 Zeus ring, epic+2, lv40 Hades bracers, legendary +3, lv63 Zeus crown, epic +2, lv1 Athena robe, legendary +3, lv1 Hermes boots, legendary +3, lv1

  24. Thanks alot for you answer and the clear explanation I have no zeus at all thats probably makes it hard for me atm to do that much dmg but im gonna follow ur steps when i have zeus.

  25. You all should save at least save 50k so that you will get at least 1 item ( probablisticly )

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