What is the most important lesson learnt from Covid-19?

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  1. I had that same thought and also the bit they take one bite of their food than just chucks it anywhere, trash and all where ever he wants 🤣

  2. Can the Ants or spiders in that area climb up the rock? especially during a bugs strike back event ?

  3. Lol no that's why I built there only steps get messed up but I found out that if u randomly place half walls around ur base but away from it they go for that first so it gives you time to get to ur base But I have notice since I have orb weavers that live by my base and I killed them frequently I have more orb Weaver raids They normally just bunch up underneath the rock so I go down there and kill a multitude of a mat 1 time with either's grenades or the spicy cortana

  4. Ah. gotcha. I only ask because I read different stuff on the internet and someone had said the red ants can get up on the main rock . But atm I think I want my main base to be at that location or on the garden edge of the upper garden in between the pond and the BBQ. Was it easy being situated there to go around collecting mushrooms or was it a hike. Trying to gauge time consumption building a large castle like that

  5. I think this sub is more for random shitposting. Maybe try askreddit?

  6. Ah. Thanks. Idk i subscribed to this Reddit thinks it was a more informal science nerd Reddit . I don’t like the online “super serious” people 1. Because I think they are self proclaimed geniuses and 2. You can’t really verify their certifiable enough for their comments. Was hoping shitty science was for casual science enthusiast to just be opinionated lol

  7. "is it possible that science is out of things to study so now recycles reddit lifehacks as blazing new trails in research?"

  8. 100% agree. And I feel like marketing pays for these “studies” to cleverly make their product Appear more professional and have validation even though the studies are clearly bias and only provide useless information but worded correctly makes the study solidify whatever the product is. I guess “ a small group of dominant minds” will continue to prevail over the ignorantly blissful

  9. Irrelevant but anyone one of those girls can believe w/e they want I’d hit ‘‘em up

  10. What I’m still salty about.. people thinking they could milk as much Covid relief as they wanted without there being consequences in the future. Like the IRS or Uncle Sam would forget about all that money they had to give out.. it’s like people praying for rain but without thinking about the humidity, mud and bugs that follow. Just saying side hustles (and there cash venues be careful and ready for audits and fines in the near future) hidden fees in markets that never existed (such as restaurants) , the housing market that’s sucking people under who can now pay the increased taxes from inflation. The cash came in for many people who exploited the pandemic and like a heavy storm they now have to recognize the damages they all took part in.

  11. yeh, they play with big joystick boards where an eagle eyed opponent could spot what combo/direction etc they are doing as they are doing it

  12. Yeah I get that. But like in chess.. your opponent being able to visualize your strategy and who’s skill level can predict the strategy or combo better and faster. I feel like you shouldn’t be able to hide your controller in a competitive play. That’d be like telling football coaches they have to face away from the players because “they make recognize what play the opponent will make” I think if A player is so far superior they can side eye your controller recognize the pattern with what character your playing and counter it especially in live time. That’s a fair component of competitive sports all around the world .

  13. “You know they say female farts are actually healthy and good for men to smell” 🤦‍♂️

  14. he appears to be physically at Disney land or a similar theme park but mentally I feel like his own intellectual capacity is also in fairy tale land. I say this because id love to see what kind of impact OP will ever have on society in a positive or productive capacity. I don’t agree that just because politically this country is a shit storm warrants the disenfranchisement of the military. At the end of the day wether you are a democrat, Republican or independent serving your country is ultimately a pro people decision. Because at the end of the day. America as divided as it is ultimately a far better off place then under a different regime and if you’ve never lived in true poverty country under a communist, totalitarian or dictatorship government which people are sadly born into you’d appreciate living in America. And the fact that you’ve got men and woman who have died believing they are doing the right thing to protect our freedoms (even yours to wear a shirt like that) despite racial, religious, or political ideologies that makes up a person identity. Is Just insulting and dishonors them. And maybe OP should be upset at the state of things. But your making a statement that you don’t understand. You should be anti the bullshit that is fueling the crap poisoning our country. And I say that vaguely because the “issues” are subjective. Not blaming the men and woman in uniform who despite all the bullshit still are willing to defend your granola hipster mommy took me to a theme park and I still had to take irrelevant selfies for the internet childish behavior. Ya it’s kinda rude? but so are you deal with it. And good luck with fighting virginity the rest of your life.

  15. Everybody loves Raymond. Was a huge fan and have seen each episode probably 6-7 times. Could tell you things I noticed such as them changing the kids names after the pilot episode that they changed the wallpaper the season Debra was real life pregnant they did a great job hiding her belly until a small second frame where she walked from the living room to the kitchen and didn’t refocus the frame back to Raymond etc. idk I had a huge trivia of information about the show and this was before as a kid around 12-14 years old watching the episodes on TV before streaming. Eventually I went to the military and went through training with Frank’s real life granddaughter two years after he passed just random coincidence but was really cool

  16. Probably a duping, xp farming jumping out of the map borders or was succumbed to the temptation of getting Fia’s sexy lingerie

  17. I remember when Netflix had American dad , work alcoholics, family guy, the office , and Malcom in the middle and they had all the seasons ever made. And they discontinued those shows due to not paying for the contract renewals and all I could think about is how I remember that they were a humble company only asking $5.99 back in the early 2000’s and now I’m paying damn near $20 and how I’ve been a loyal subscriber all this time and they don’t even let you order dvd rentals of movies from box office or recent theater releases like they use to do right to your door. We are going backwards people because these days I’m missing my favorite mom and pop movie rental companies that only charged me 98 cents for a film rental. Even though they were losing cash value given I would be entertained for hours just browsing their massive selection just looking through a museum of films to find a movie made 20 years before I was born up to the most recent out of theater movies.and we can’t forget the mysterious beaded tapestry door to the adult selection I was always afraid to walk into because I only saw large men with their butt cracks hanging out walking into 😭😂 and was to afraid to ever cross that door

  18. From an internet consumer perspective I’d have to argue there is a big market for pirating memes and jokes . It has to be top 10 accepted piracy practices

  19. WP is commonly used for aerial flares or signal flares and other support type uses for reasons people broken down in the comments. it’s what allows a rescue crew to light up a large area for some time even if for just a minute or two before it burns out but It burns so bright it will illuminate a very large area. I’d imagine and put my money on using WP as a direct weapon is most likely a crime under LOAC or similar national and international agreements made amongst modern/civilized countries for it being a inhumane use of force

  20. VR is just early testing for being able to start making humans cyborgs as their body parts fail and get replaced with robotics 🤣 one can dream

  21. I can get one 95 cent surcharge on every plastic bag at checkout

  22. That chair is the tangible manifestation of what the competitive multiplayer spirit looks like

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