1. Your account is the most A-1 I've ever seen bro, all I could think of is Tinder hates men under 6"

  2. Allow me to introduce you Americans to a little concept known as reverse psychology

  3. Cada sesenta segundos en Africa, un minuto pasa. Juntos podemos detener esto. Únete a nosotros, esparce la palabra, y muchas gracias por tu tiempo!

  4. Actually, that looks pretty dope to do, you just need to figure a way to go down without dying reliably.

  5. and not tie it around the neck of course, its gonna get snapped like a twig with all the momentum of the wind!

  6. Unfortunately, they are in the same school. In recent days such delusions have been increasing. Parents of the topper have been asking for all separate benches and canteen food for their kids in private schools.

  7. I swear, try to convince your parents that SST is a futile subject involving only mugging up and vomiting. Tell them that math and reasoning involves more logical reasoning and reflects the true intelligence of one's Intellect. Most Parents these days are blinded to their child's talents by this misleading evil called mark and its truly disgusting.

  8. In addition to this the way social sciences are taught in Indian schools are just pathetic. In my school days my mother would force me to mug up moral science.

  9. The Indian education system is not designed for the student's mental health.

  10. For me yes Minecraft is better... but my laptop decides not to support me when I'm playing it

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