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  1. i unironically enjoy these movies as a serotonin-deprived adult in their 20s so we will be #seated

  2. finally! they did a decent job promoting her for the first few years but after bicycle (whose album also had many delays and issues) things just seemed to go downhill so maybe a change of management within the company? who knows. either way hopefully she can sign with another company that properly fulfills her wishes and supports her

  3. their discography continues to remain unmatched, all the songs are amazing but im gonna give a shoutout to lionheart cause wow this would the type of track that could easily be the most generic but they brought a certain energy to it that just makes it so enjoyable.

  4. Really liked the song but the mv was pretty much trying to be ditto

  5. in what sense? lmao. newjeans don't own schoolgirl outfits, the vibes are completely different and this is way more colorful. i love ditto and it's music video but the aesthetic has been done multiple times and will probably continue since it's very common

  6. I hope they just end this charade already. It’s pointless since no one is buying their narrative of trimming the number of members down. No one paying attention anyway so they should definitely cut their losses and end it. No one is taking yg groups seriously nowadays.

  7. even as someone who is not a fan of their whole predebut shtick so far, saying none is paying attention is just not true. these videos are gathering millions of views so there's a lot of people watching. people forget reddit and twitter aren't the only places where kpop fans exist lol, there is definitely a lot of hype and demand of content for this group

  8. i loved the chorus i don't care what anyone says lol. i will agree it's their weakest release so far but hey it's only a pre-release that shows a different side and the comeback is on april 10th so i'm sure that will deliver to their usual standards

  9. the girls did great but i can't be the only one who thinks these clothes don't match the vibe of the song at all😅some companies should take notes when it comes to styling, just because something is trendy doesn't mean it necessarily fits

  10. Why? Do they or their company have some sorts of controversies?

  11. long story short the styling and concept is just very worrying and questionable considering they have two 07 liners, hopefully the actual debut mv & song are among the lines of actually doing something age appropriate. if companies want groups to do more mature concepts they should also recruit older trainees instead of forcing teenagers into skimpy clothing (even though this group was formed through a survival show of some sort, but my point still stands). i'll still check them out cause i absolutely love ruan but i have my issues with the group

  12. As someone who barely followed Gfriend if you could even call it that, I really like her first album.

  13. i agree with you, i enjoyed this album and still listen to it but what really hooked me with her debut is the grit some of the songs had. feels like she's going for a rather safe ballad route which definitely suits her voice but i'd love to see more of yuju's passionate side as a solo artist

  14. i hate to be this critical cause i genuinely love the group but this was severely underwhelming for me and also somewhat confusing based on the teaser photos. the flute-like sample was way too frequent it kinda became grating and the song just feels very flat?? i don't know, maybe it'll grow on me but these past 2 comebacks i really haven't been enjoying the title tracks which is a shame cause i loved their first two releases (justice for got'ya and fresh)

  15. Yup! 100% agree cuz I think this group has all the goods to really break out. We just need to get back to the energy of Got’ya, Fresh, and Hide n Seek. They’re at their best when they can actually deliver a high energy performance, and unfortunately I don’t know how they can show off any of that with this song.

  16. and if they wanted to switch it up they should release something like la luna which is an absolutely FANTASTIC song, alarm and draw have been very mediocre

  17. i need voters to stop being so sure about certain people being "safe". yurina on girls planet was also consistently in the top 9 and even ranked FIRST at some point and what happened during the finale when onepick was implemented? exactly. nobody is completely safe, vote for your faves cause nothing is certain and nobody is a lock

  18. that's true but the cell system was very different from current voting system no? also im still mad about yurina and xiaorina....

  19. it was, but it still came down to the onepick in the end. a lot of trainees are getting votes right now because they are either known or friends with the person's actual onepick. this happens with every single survival show, people swear up and down it's different and then get disappointed when the same thing happens. it's not gonna be different, none is 100% safe

  20. it's 5 minutes away from hitting 3 hours so yes (most painful 3 hours of my life)

  21. if they brought out taemin woongki would have fainted on the spot

  22. OOOH lyre composed title track, consider me excited. love all their stuff

  23. I really want to see her living with Kotone and Yooyeon but let's see what Haus and room she is gonna choose Friday. There are so many options now!

  24. she might choose them since she was on gp with kotone but lord knows if they even talked during the show lol considering 100 people can't all know each other especially if there's a language barrier

  25. raon looks amazing and i'm glad she's finally debuting in a group and getting another shot of being an idol. that being said the styling is a bit questionable considering they have two '07 liners but here's to hoping the song and music video will be okay

  26. i really enjoyed this! glad sullyoon, bae and jiwoo got the spotlight this comeback cause they deserve it.

  27. That's a fallacy. Those are two different groups of people. In general this is getting more support if anything.

  28. then i'd like to invite you to my social media timelines of people who shitted on dice and o.o for being "too much" but now think this is "too boring", the comments are coming from the same people. their actual fanbase will of course mostly be supportive unless the song is really divisive which this isn't

  29. jaden must be watching everything cause he's snagging survival show contestants left and right and i'm not complaining, so happy many great trainees get to debut

  30. he wears a lot of designer clothes and has a very expensive car so probably? maybe not millionaire level but his family definitely seems to have....disposable income

  31. still a bit confused lol, will the upcoming episode have the eliminations? or just the concept stage preparations

  32. jiwoong??? i knew they were friends but never expected him to make a cameo

  33. yes, holland has also posted about jiwoong being on boys planet and encouraged people to vote for him

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