1. The set up for the physical game is insane. I think it's worth it playing with friends but do aim to buy the digital just to hone my skills.

  2. People can set up their own tokens, even beginners don't have much trouble with this. Other than that there are some cards and the encounter tokens. It's no worse than Wingspan which has a much shorter play time for a similar amount of setup. I think Scythe is comparable to other games in terms of setup to play time, unless you are setting it all up yourself, which you really should not be doing.

  3. Much as I love this game and would encourage anybody to play it, the fact you don't seem to know what an expansion is indicates to me you haven't played many, if any, modern Euro games. Either that or you are used to having your friends set up the game and never really paid much attention to that side of things.

  4. I've had 4 separate gaming groups go sour in the last couple of months. The hardest part of that was the realization that they aren't really my friends, not in any meaningful way. Even though I've known some of these people for years, have been to their houses, get along with them very well and even occasionally had conversations not related to board games, they are not people I can rely on to be understanding or trust them with my true thoughts and feelings.

  5. If you think your pals are mature enough for a little pushback, try being a bit mean-spirited when you play. The groups I game with come from a pool of about 30-40 people and whenever I have similar problems, I just get more aggressive. They still get upset when they lose or something doesn't go their way, but at least they now take the time to reflect on what happened and adjust instead of just blaming the rules of the game they didn't pay attention to or bother trying to understand.

  6. I'm not sure I would or could approach it that way, however, there is something to be said for being more assertive rather than trying to appease everybody.

  7. If you're on iOS, the Apple Arcade games are generally good and cover a wide variety of genres. They're also altered to remove all microtransactions. Totally worth the subscription fee IMO.

  8. Yeah, I was going to say that. OP never said what platform they are on.

  9. Kairosoft games are all okay to great, with Game Dev Story being my personal favorite.

  10. Indeed, I played a bunch of them back in they day. Grand Prix Story is my favorite.

  11. For the good of all of us, except the ones who are dead.

  12. I also call it the X button, but I believe Cross is the official name for it since Sony's face buttons are all shapes, not letters.

  13. Indeed, according to Sony it is officially a cross, and they posted something about this recently due to UI changes in Japan.

  14. If you watch a recent stonmeier games video about his boardgame regrets, this is one listed for scythe.

  15. Yes, but IIRC he also said that he wanted to give people an incentive to put their stars out and that includes ending the game, rather than having people stall and farm coins indefinitely.

  16. Great idea! Not for me though, I love paying out the metal coins too much. Plus I got the box organizers which really saves a bunch of time with set up and tear down, so extra time for math and stacking up gold.

  17. Yeah, you just dish out the coins and everybody count's their's up. It's one of the best end games ever.

  18. My most hated expansion that I've ever played with in any game. Added nothing but a lot of extra time re-explaining what they did and even then almost nobody used them for anything.

  19. I think it’s very likely. What else could there possibly be to add aside from minor quality of life things?

  20. I could list a dozen UI annoyances that need to be fixed, but probably won't.

  21. I would rarely give it more than an hour if I'm not 'feeling it' and sometimes less than that. But it's amazing what people will put up with or what they will say to try to convince you to play their game.

  22. Nah that's why I'll cross out anything else and keep that hope alive for a yahtzee

  23. It's funny how people's minds work. Go big or go home :)

  24. The similarities are overemphasized. Both games have a big pile of cards that are all unique and that seems to be the focus. Ark Nova borrows (steals) from several games. It's essentially a best-of compilation of the best aspect of several other games and in my opinion it is better than every game it steals borrows from, including TM.

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