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That's a little funny

  1. Sometimes I like to rub mayonnaise on my nipples and pretend I am walrus.

  2. Well I’m the movie, people died in a few seconds/minutes. The coldest I’ve ever seen is -40 without windchill and while it’s very cold you aren’t going to freeze solid in 2 minutes.

  3. Iirc the coldest recorded temp on December 21 2022 was in Montana at -72°F with wind chill

  4. -72°F is equivalent to -57°C, which is 215K.

  5. Over all positive. I do believe that because chinas navy’s is growing larger (did they overtake in total ships yet? Saw somewhere where they did but I also see conflicting stories) the US navy needs to at least match in total ships but it should have more. The navy should build ships that are proven to work not the oversized money pit like the zumwalt until they find a way to make that ship cheaper.

  6. He doesn’t get off Scott free just because he is a wealthy actor the law still applies to him.

  7. They are becoming more common. There is one outside the college I attend and my township wants to put one in at this intersection that causes so many fatal or severe accidents (I swear there is at least 3 accidents there a month. And people go like 60 down the road, no stop sign for them) but the farmer who owns apart of the land the road would have to go through doesn’t want to sell.

  8. I'm not sure what Devils Den is, but I used to visit Gettysburg Battlefield with motorcycle friends. We would go to historic sites on our rides. Each time, looking out over battlefields, I would be overcome by this feeling of ominous dread. It was visceral. I mean I could actually feel it on my skin. Very scary. Not a normal "scared."

  9. The most northern southern state. We often forget which side of the Mason Dixon line were on.

  10. It gets fuzzier the closer you get to the Mason dixion line

  11. Any idea how much it costs , asking for a friend:)

  12. Bull testicle jerky. It was fucking gross. A friend in class gave one to me telling me it was deer jerky

  13. T-6 sky hopper. It’s neat don’t get me wrong but it’s is such and odd set and ship to begin with not to mention it takes up a good bit of room

  14. I hear that. I’m fucking shocked mine haven’t destroyed the lower shelves

  15. Show me your hands? Automatic weapon means maybe skip that step and finish your clips.

  16. All are guns in the video are Semi automatic and use magazines

  17. Something that is not within their control, a Mental Disorder at that, means they peaked in high school?

  18. We (ADHDers) sometimes refer to it as the "Peaked in Highschool" disorder, because of how many of us don't get diagnosed until adulthood, when our symptoms become much more prevalent due the stresses of life, responsibility, work etc. Which usually means that those of us who thrived in school, crash and burn in adulthood. So yeah actually, a considerable percentage of us would say they peaked in high school.

  19. Well for starters something needs to be done about the cartels

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