1. Because I don’t see why you(or anyone) cares as to why some folks treat it as canon when it doesn’t effect you in any way. Seems like a backlash to a nonexistent problem

  2. Because it's false information that's being treated as canon?

  3. Honestly I wouldn’t give a shit pun intended. If it makes them happy then why would I care. Maybe I would express my disagreement, but at the end of the day I don’t care that much.

  4. The thing is no one is actually saying anything transphobic.

  5. Hello no, I ain't no babysitter

  6. He looks like an innocent old man here who's just in a constant state of confusion

  7. I have never seen it as a smile until now, it wouldn't have made sense if it was

  8. What the hell why didn’t we have this, it would have been so good

  9. Maybe the law is different which allows them to do this?

  10. This makes no sense, chara was long dead before sans and papyrus spawned from low light levels.

  11. I expected Hulk muscles but this is good

  12. Noelle is now sobbing uncontrollably in the bathroom

  13. He'd probably be fine considering it still has a trigger mechanism

  14. Besides clearly not reading or watching part 6, how do he not know what a CD is anyway?

  15. I know it's just a joke but I swear I could hear the inner gorilla inside me scream out in primal fury at this comment

  16. Left: The class I want to main

  17. Sheen, this is the third time you've shown

  18. You're an irredeemable monster!

  19. My tired brain thought they had breasts for some reason

  20. I really want to see the unedited version

  21. The power level was simply too high

  22. I'm surprised no one has made a map based off this.

  23. In all seriousness, nice job on the model

  24. We must turn the bread into woman now!

  25. Kris builds an arsenal of nuclear weaponry?

  26. I loved this place as a kid, however I was always upset how they never repaired Foxy after his "skin" tore

  27. As much as Peach was mostly a badass in the film I do like they kept her sweeter side. It's a cute interaction with her and Mario.

  28. I really appreciate that Peach didn't completely treat Mario like some sub-human trash.

  29. I think she was always intended to be a sweet and likable character.

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