1. That is minimum 4, wouldn’t be surprised if it was up to 6. Could not have a more textbook case for what the AFL (rightly) is trying to take out of the game. I don’t think it was malicious but very lazy, dangerous and unintelligent move by De Goey.

  2. So we shouldn't offer Culley a new contract either?

  3. Culley has bucketloads of potential and has shown a lot more in a lot fewer games, I love Westy but he really needed to play for his career and was making good progress

  4. West is only 24, couldn’t hurt to keep him

  5. I wouldn't say no but we need to make a good amount of list changes if we want to hit the draft running and trade in players like DevRob to boot

  6. Yeah 100%. You could feel it change the atmosphere. De Goey also went super quiet after it, was probably stewing over how badly he fucked up

  7. They showed clips of him after a disposal, he was very much smiling and pleased with himself, I can guarantee you he feels no remorse

  8. Jeremy Cameron clobbered Harris Andrews and got five weeks yet kicked three goals. Are you saying he doesn’t have a conscience?

  9. I'm saying De Goey is a grub :)

  10. Been watching Dogs/Cats, how's this game looking?

  11. Who the flying fuck was wearing a batman mask?

  12. Well that's annoying, i start watching and Geelong score :/

  13. Cheers mate, i am just now realising I've always read your name as NexusOW

  14. Brutal to watch, boys did some bloody well but were just so exhausted

  15. Games over, really proud of the effort but the effects of having half a bench for 3 quarters is coming into effect

  16. Yeah I got every player wrong in that free kick sequence, oops

  17. There you go Collingwood fans, you might have a chance now! /s

  18. Wow, the goal ump was in the perfect spot to see that and had less than 0 confidence so he went right to review it

  19. my point was that eagles fans aren’t exactly in a position to be dunking on anyone else but alright

  20. We''ll always be in the best position to be dunking on you guys, for however shit we are right now we at least won a flag recently :)

  21. You might be awful until 2034, but at least you’ll always have that cunt kicking that goal against them to win a premiership that they don’t have.

  22. I dunno, if history says anything we're gonna get another flag by 2030 but yes, any team with a brain at all would trade a flag 5 years ago for the spot we're in right now

  23. Nah, Chesser and Hewett need to build in the WAFL, West has been good as a forward for an on baller, and XON is just sorta there to fill a spot

  24. Only 1 forced change, who is this team and what have they done with my Eagles?

  25. When they said Nic might be available for Round 1, they never said it was Round 1 this year

  26. I can see this happening! If you get him he'll be leadership group in no time! I wish we could get him in best 22!

  27. Would definitely help solidify a great young core, and with Will Ashcroft in and another Ashcroft coming in, he'll probably not get a decent shot so I reckon that'll be a saving grace in wanting to get him back home, only thing now is finding a trade that's good for both of us

  28. Brisbane has been pretty generous with fringe players wanting more opportunities. If dev wants to go somewhere it'll get done with little fuss.

  29. I don't think that's a huge issue. We would just be using a pick now instead of pick 70 in the next draft. Either way it's a low chance of getting a good player.

  30. main draft always goes much deeper, Noah Long is a gem and he was the second last pick of last years draft overall

  31. That's true but we are looking at pick 12 here vs Long at pick 58

  32. difference is MSD pick 12 could easily be worse than pick 60 main draft

  33. Imo the most underrated player in the league. At least in Melbourne

  34. If i had a Richmond bingo card, Richmond fans saying "X Richmond player is the most underrated player in the league" would literally be the free space

  35. You can have Josh Rotham thanks

  36. There almost no journalists left. Being first is more important than being correct for them. If they get clicks the story is a success whether they need to retract it later or not. Terrible state of news media but that's what it is now. Clickbait has replaced journalism because it generates more money, Cornes and Caro are prime examples.

  37. Rhino is pretty good when it comes to WA news, doesn't really get anything major wrong

  38. God damn, homie really went to a month old comment to say "hey fuck you your team sucks"

  39. Ginbey and Reid is absolutely a no brainer for West Coast. Anyone suggesting a trade for picks its trolling themselves.

  40. Why can articles never get Jamaine Jone's name right?

  41. Highly doubt we walk away with Maric and Buller

  42. Hopefully we grab Maric and someone else who is worth taking a punt on

  43. How bad are they saying Steele’s knee injury is?

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