1. Bestfriend. It's an unreleased track from 2019

  2. Didn't it drop on the khaza album? It's called 'shoot my shot'

  3. No not shoot my shot there is another best friend that’s unreleased it’s older and that’s the one he just played in that ig vid

  4. Yea i’m sure he doesn’t mind dropping a freestyle, i don’t really care for a freestyle tbh rather just get more unreleased music

  5. Maaaan the real ones know gates goes the hardest on his freestyles especially his old ones

  6. Ik gates had the hardest freestyles but i’m just really wanting unreleased music

  7. "Up in the air" means the opposite of something must be dropping soon.

  8. Yea idk man i’m just sticking to his word he said he would drop all the unreleased music we wanted so i can’t give up yet he still hasn’t dropped any of the songs i want

  9. I have a few different ig lives of him playing it but i really just want him to release it like so bad i want the full quality

  10. Personally i think season 4 was the best that finale scene of tommy was beautiful

  11. Since this had that band camp promotion at the start and the don’t aplogize video had it too must be a music video right

  12. He really just be saying anything anytime. He’s a top tier bullshitter lol

  13. Weird to drop a trailer for a video supposedly dropping in 2.5 hours

  14. Is it his team who decides to not drop anything or gates cuz he was talking about dropping all his unreleased music on a live couple months ago but he never does we’re barley getting bits and pieces here now

  15. That’s exactly what i’m thinking like we have to be getting an album or mixtape something soon bro if not khaza deluxe anniversary i’m expecting the Unreleased music album

  16. Bro talked about the label holding him back on one of he’s freestyles but doesn’t he own BWA?

  17. I don’t believe the label holds him back that much tbh since youngboy dropped 10+ albums last year at atlantic records

  18. I shit you not I am unable to recognize his songs and wouldn’t look twice at him actually maybe cuz i seen like 1 black ppl where I live but at least I spent my time bettering my mind so I can tolerate ppl like u and bruh my mom left at 7

  19. Ur mother left at 7 so that explains why ur so against child birth and ur racist too

  20. Man stfu if u saw Kevin gates in public you’d want him to stick it up ur bum

  21. I feel the time for Khaza deluxe is gone. I don’t think it would make sense to bring it out now. I would love to see “3rd world Panama” be the promoting track for a new mixtape or album but I feel that’s very far fetched.

  22. I wonder if they even gonna drop panama they keep saying soon but nothing yet unfortunately

  23. basically my last hope is by the 1 year Khaza release date if not I’ll never think about the deluxe again

  24. Yea i’m hoping we get something for the anniversary even a single or an album release date if not then idk when we will ever get another project who knows maybe 2025

  25. Do u think maybe it’s a hint at the deluxe since he did say don’t apologize was on the deluxe

  26. Last year he said Don’t apologize and Microwave blessing would be on the deluxe

  27. He has all those unreleased songs were do for atleast 20 of them please please god

  28. On god we need a album of just unreleased and ima die happy

  29. I'm convinced this deluxe is never coming out. It done been 11 months already.

  30. Yea honestly if nothing on the anniversary of khaza then idk not sure why he would scrap it tho he mentioned it from june 21st up until like september 9th of last year by my knowledge

  31. I don’t understand tbh why have a music for a song that’s already out and plus I’d rather have a new song than a music video

  32. But look at it like this atleast we’re getting stuff and if we’re getting stuff we might be getting more stuff so good

  33. That’s crazy he’s doing a video for do it again I ain’t going to hold y’all I am mad confused now what is gates doing lol

  34. I’m confused too i don’t think we need a music video for it i’d rather it just be a new song or unreleased

  35. Hopefully i don’t really care for a do it again music video i’d rather just get a new song

  36. And john will even said that an album with unreleased grails is in the works

  37. Remember that live a couple months ago when he said i’m dropping all my unreleased music and his friend said the name of the tape should be cleaning out ur closet and he said nah the name of it gon be Unreleased that’s what i think it’s dropping

  38. I want Alcohol talking so bad bro 😫

  39. Same bro bro like literally it’s just so fire i’ve never heard a song like it it just hits been waiting 4 years now, He’s been dropping old unreleased singles lately and said he’s gonna drop his unreleased music hopefully we can get it

  40. I’m still expecting the deluxe. Not sure if it will actually drop, but you don’t tease your fans with 15-30 of the songs they’ve been waiting years for and then don’t drop it. So that’s kind of the end of me expect anything from him, but hopefully he drops it on the Year anniversary or something.

  41. I wanna believe the deluxe isn’t scrapped cuz i mean i can’t wrap my head around why it would be scrapped cuz he mentioned it all the way from june 21st to september of last year so we’ll definitely have to see on khaza 1 year anniversary if not deluxe we’re getting a different album for sure

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