1. That would be interesting, if they had properly established that to be the case. But the game was far from clear as to how we should interpret that scene.

  2. Yeah even time compression is kind of weird. I think one of the explanations seem like a good theory as different events between different people connected and layered in similar situations to work. I assumed it was more along the lines of fourth dimension in a instance seen in the movie “hyper cube” or as shown in “Interstellar” but i personally think the scene of McConaughey floating in the study is a very well portrayed example of the 4th dimension in one specific spot, but alot would argue thats not the 4th dimension at all.

  3. NO ONE has the time or space to properly address Time Compression...

  4. Yeah i mean we can only theorize time compression or the 4th dimension, yet they had to portray it somehow in the games which they did and probably why they had to keep they description vague. Its even more fascinating that we can never really understand time compression or the 4th dimension and any depiction of is merely a 3d construct for us to even fathom how an individual van imagine it.

  5. I'm not much of a car guy. My hunch comes from earlier this year when my Subaru's dash lit up like a pinball machine. Long story short, a circuit that controls the transmission had gotten exposed, and snow/salt that defines Colorado mountain roads in the winter wrecked havoc.

  6. Ah ok, thanks for letting me know. I dont think its electrical in my case as its fine when i wash my engine and with lighter rain fall.

  7. Its quite possible, it happens as im driving on the freeway so its a sudden happening but at least i know it has to do with the cruise control.

  8. Probably cause they want a man who can last longer than a minute

  9. Yup, all the stuff that Wash talks about in Season 6 about South betraying North and leaving him to the Meta and then shooting Wash in the back came from there. It's a shame people going through the series now tend to just stick with the main seasons, they're missing out on the bonus miniseries that expand and explore the world beyond those seasons. Like Out of Mind showing what happened to York. Necessary for the main plot? No. But it does flesh things out more.

  10. They're all on Youtube and the website I believe. Here's the youtube links.

  11. Yup. Like its nowhere near bad, but im glad bob said it, its more about the sauces, and the lines are still long. But its also expensive when i can still be satisfied with. 20pc mcnugget or two mcchickens.

  12. Looks like shes getting wetsy in her West Gash Region

  13. I think it strayed really far from the original concept. At least the season with the other Reds and Blues still made it “Red bs Blue”. It really went off the rails and i saw it not as they were gods but they were Monitors or close to forerunner, rogue monitors that may have thought they were gods with the forerunner information in their memory and just started messing with things.

  14. I recently got my mate into RvB and we binged the series over like 2-3 months ish. He really disliked how it went from season 15 with an understandable villain to "GODS" and uhh... Gus Cyclops. On his tierlist he had 17 on F and 16 on D (same tier he put Zero on lmao). He did have funny moments like Caboose's travels and "Jack of all offs, Master of Bates, and a Cockbite of the highest order." But added all together and how fucky some things were, he just didn't like those two seasons.

  15. Ok hold on. Gus cyclops in itself is S tier.

  16. Cool but not really all that memorable. I completely forgot he existed until this post.

  17. Idk i always find myself going “👁have 🫵”

  18. I would say check other posts cause i know alot of us enjoy giving new players tips and plenty of advice in other posts but theres likely spoilers in those other posts as well. Ill let other members handle it this time, but you can always respond if there is something you start getting frustrated about as the beginning can be like that sometimes and certain parts that may have bugged or glitched.

  19. I hated this little shit at first cuz of no matter how much I whooped his ass, he would come back with his stupid bullshit.

  20. I only realized later he was L and wished i beat his ass harder.

  21. Being a non-health-conscious vegetarian sucks. I just want a fast food meal. So I have to rank Burger King high because they have the Impossible Whopper. And over time I've actually started liking the fries. McDonald's V menu sucks.

  22. Honestly i think burger king just isnt that good but i will buy the impossible whopper cause it just taste better than most other burger options on the menu. I am kind hoping some rich person somewhere could open a chain of vegan/vegetarian food or another chain just have the ingredients to have more options for v/veg people.

  23. Wait guys, check for a hole in the bottom

  24. Finally someone said it. I have no problem with relationships, but I can't support if it fetishizes underage sexual activity. However, having a sexuality doesn't mean they're gonna fuck, just that they have preferences

  25. Only people I wanna see is All Might Detroit Smash Deku’s mom.

  26. Console command them back to original position. If on console you can walk up to them, and when they begin to talk, strafe back and forth and the npc will turn and take steps forward as long as they are dialogue active. Step back for a few seconds and approach again to start dialogue and repeat. This is also how the Silt Strider merch eventually falls off the platform at Balmora.

  27. Not as bad as the other guy say, but it is different from the more "standard" older entries imo. For one thing, you have the run of the mill turn based rpg staples, but in FF8 you also have to manage your character's action bar and enemies' invisible action bar instead of the traditional spd = turn order only

  28. I actually like it, but the problem is they never introduced him getting new armor as they did in halo 2. Secondly, it doesnt have that tanky armor look as the V and VI as armor is supposed to cover the body. I like the detail but just apply that to the mark VI. They made his armor too much like the Spartan IV’s and its understandable that the IV’s would get the next gen armor that is lighters and allows more maneuverability as they are relying on their shields and armor functions more and are more expendable. Does it look good? Yeah, but its no V or VI.

  29. Lol i was partially referring to metal gear awesome, but i need to watch that

  30. Well, I meant by make him full blown Evil. Make him as Vile and evil character. Cus we all love Snake, I'm just scared that they might give us a Snake we don't like. Snake is yes, a "Bad Guy" but he does bad things for a good purpose, sorta like an Anti-Hero. But I see and hear your point^

  31. Are you referring to like a sudden plot twist in the end where he is actually supposed to be retrieving the metal gear for the bad guys?

  32. Already brought it up in my hot take where fishing and hunting arent sports ;)

  33. Thank you! Like actual hunting? Thats more on the line of luck of where the animal is going to be and even with tracking prowess cannot guarantee your tracking shooting skill will yield a prey better than the other competitor. Just too many variables. If it was precision shooting and tracking a fabricated trail for both contestants i can see how it could become a sport but this would be more tracking skills and precision shooting almost comparable to a biathlon.

  34. Thats what I said. I dont diss the hiking out and setting up portion but hunting is just sitting around hoping for a deer or whatever youre hunting to go to your call. I just dont think things with a completely random factor like an animal completely counts as a sport.

  35. Oh i didnt know where you said this, was just elaborating on it here. But yeah i had some friends who act like its an impressive thing to go fishing and go into all these details and try to say someones more simplistic sense of fishing is inferior to theirs and their equipment and im not knocking people who enjoy it for the relaxing or calming time spent outdoors or cause they like having fresh fish for dinner but guys who really think telling a girl how big or how many fish he caught is a guaranteed panty dropper or winning a fishing competition is something really to brag about.

  36. Dood.. i really hope i was not right in my comment on your previous post. 😬

  37. Whoa buddy, slow down there. That crystal thing is in fact the spirit of Azura. You can use Azura’s star charged with any soul to power this gem as you will see it grow over time. It is recommended to use more powerful souls of daedra, such as golden saints or daedroth, to power the crystal. If you go to Skyrim and acquire Azuras black star you can then power the crystal faster with human souls instead. However, human souls will eventually begin to defile Azura’s soul itself and she will begin to descend into becoming a new darker daedric prince but grant you the Ring of Sothar Golath (the daedra Azura transforms into) for full bound armor. It is recommended to put more time into it using powerful daedra souls as the end result will yield in receiving a permanent constant effect enchantment that fortifies your magicka resistance, magicka governing traits, and a few magicka skills called Azurussy’s Blessing

  38. I feel like Sony used alot of humor to advertise for video games in the US cause during the 90’s it was kind of hard to accurately depict the story of some games or they didnt have the resources or budget and had to come up with something real quick for an advertisement. Completely different compared to splinter cells trailer im the 2000’s.

  39. When you figure it out, the place you go is gonna have someone ask you, “You solved our riddle! Now will you let Jesus solve yours??”

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