1. There can be a delay from review getting completed, and them actually reactivating your account (at least in my experience on TryRating, so, grain of salt).

  2. They took 21 days for the review and then they reactivated it last time...Now I'm in the same boat again

  3. How long did it take for them to email you about you being under review?

  4. Just after 2hr. Many analysts were suspended at the exact same time just like last year

  5. Is it just me or did anyone else think Spiral was terrible? Not sure if it was the storyline or Chris Rocks acting with solely his eyes that threw me off. Not used to seeing him in those kind of roles and I think it was just weird for him maybe idk. But I feel like we could have gone without it or if they have better actors

  6. That's true....Spiral was the worst movie in saw franchise and maybe that's why they dropped the plan to continue the story from spiral

  7. I really love EC3 a lot. In a different dimension, he could have got the place of LA knight but sadly Vince killed his career

  8. Just finished the game. It's not so good and not so bad. But gotta applaud those graphics. And the story is 6/10

  9. I do. Cuz I'm still in the learning phase to build my career and I'm aware of the risk

  10. By "suspension" do you mean including the temporary ones pending a quality review? (Which is normal and usually happens with new raters.) Or do you mean "fired" or "let go from the program"?

  11. It's a quality review and got the mail stating the same. It's been more than a year since my last review

  12. So I couldn't log in from the 6th and I got an email on the 20th and this one again yesterday. The first one just said that the project had ended and I wasn't needed anymore.

  13. I've thought the project has no end date. Honestly I hope they'll atleast give a more reasonable mail for everything and make it very clear

  14. Same I was just put under review today. Canada Data Analyst. I barely did even 10 hours this week.

  15. Yeah same locale, I put only 12 hours this week and in the middle of 50s safety task got suspended

  16. Lol. Are you me? I also did internet safety and then suddenly got a mail out of nowhere

  17. How can this be a better promo than MJF when he didn't call anyone a nerd, a virgin or fat? I'm told that's the peak of modern heelwork.

  18. Impact sub thinks MJF is just copying the EC3's gimmick but honestly it does feel the same

  19. I'm in the same boat as you. 2019 passed out here with civil engineering background.

  20. Lol. I did the same as you. Didn't click the link but instead clicked let us know

  21. It's legit. I lost access to my account and am on here searching the web for ways to get it back because Facebook has ZERO support for when you lose control of your account.

  22. Same, it happened 30 mins ago.

  23. Lol....same here...freaked out when I checked my mails just after i woke up

  24. What's your Windows edition version? In fact, see the rule #2 for the support requests.

  25. Read the rule #2 please, if you haven't already.

  26. Sorry and yeah I'll delete and re-upload my post later with more details

  27. Bro I'm self taught. From ECE background but learnt everything on my own. You don need any ā‚¹ā‚¹ courses from bhaiyya didi etc. It's incredibly simple. Just go for udemy and if can't pay 500ā‚¹ for a course, go to torrent.

  28. But this sub is making my anxiety level to reach a peak. I've just took a sad nap after seeing those depressing posts recently.

  29. Thanks! the grass is always greener, i still think iā€™m too skinny though send me a dm and i can tell ya

  30. Lol.....your first type is actually enough for me cuz I'm skinny

  31. Buy a new spider and secondary online.

  32. No idea. But, the two SBI debit cards surprisingly are working now.

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