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  1. Boy, very few posts make me truly appreciate living in a cold, northern territory like this one.

  2. Agree...ima stay in Montana. I'd rather deal with grizzlies n Mt lions

  3. Dude stis are at an all time high ppl are so fucking gross and stupid. At this rate it will be the idiots who inherent the earth.

  4. When normally taking a photo, the subject and or background is being illuminated and the camera settings can automatically or manually be adjusted to obtain the best exposure. The moon is a bit backwards of that, it's a bright object with a very dark background. So most phone cameras try to focus on the whole picture instead of just a specific focal point. On top of that, most smart phone cameras on their own aren't really configured to get a shot like this. There are phone apps where you can tinker with the aperture and "shutter speed" to get a decent one. Hope this helps!

  5. Zoom in? I have a pic on my Android I took of the moon. The moon came in a little better, yet I could clearly see mars as a planet, not just a reddish blur.

  6. Never thought about blending them in a smoothie. Of course I never mind the taste, I just hate the texture. And the bits that get stuck in your teeth. A small price to pay for enlightenment. Lol

  7. Just made huckleberry smoothies with almost 2 8ths a couple days ago. Couldn't even tell they were in there and going good in 20 minutes. Once I tried it Ive not done them any other way. Love it

  8. I'm jealous. It's been years since my last trip.

  9. Dawn soap, bleach n boiling hot water has cleared every drain and pipe in my home. I had teenagers, grease down my drains was common. Ugh, even had to go buy a new toilet plunger for my sink, but what Ive never had to do is call a plummer. Oh...and RidX. Even if you don't own your home and are on a septic, its just the polite thing to do.

  10. We all see how shitty things are and that's why we believe that it is immoral to bring children into the world. The world is an absolute hell hole and the only thing guaranteed is suffering. We agree with you that things are shit. That's why we take this stance.

  11. Take that stance, I believe its your choice and right, but theres no need to bash on people who genuinely want a family. That's their choice. The hate i just witnessed, the anger towards me for remembering a better time, for growing up in a time when the family unit was closer, and being hopeful that the younger generations growing up in such a divided world now will one day be in a position to facilitate change. There is a huge difference between seeing the world on a screen and actually getting out there and seeing it, living it. There is still a lot of beauty, a lot of amazing people. A world worth saving.

  12. Part of the stance that we take is that it is fundamentally wrong and immoral to bring children into this world. Nobody can consent to being born and the only absolute certainty of being born is that you will endure suffering to a greater or lesser extent. On this basis, we see it as unethical and immoral to have children. That is what this sub is. There are many more pro-natalist subs than there are anti-natalist so you are in good company in your views and opinions. We already know our stance goes against societal norms, we don't need anyone to tell us this.

  13. I could go hang out with a bunch of people who agree with me, or I them....but wtf would I learn?

  14. Oh wait, so is getting pregnant "the best thing that could happen to a woman" or is it "a sacrifice that women must make to conform to society"?

  15. Pregnancy was awesome!! First kicks were unforgettable. Seeing a foot or hand under the skin of my belly was precious. I wish your parents loved you.

  16. I think you are lost. There are plenty of subs that will really welcome your point of view and perspective and I hope you find them and enjoy them. But this sub is for people who view giving birth as immoral..I don't get why you are making comments like this here.

  17. Im just here trying to understand your point of view. Maybe if more people could just learn to talk about things, listen and try to understand others, we may fare a little better in the world. Ive known plenty of people who've vehemently swore off children who now have them and wouldn't change it. Im also seeing a sadness in our youth Ive not seen before. Ive seen so many comments about people wishing they could take their own life, or wishing they were never born. It truly hurts my heart

  18. Oldest profession in the world. It will never go away, they need to quit wasting jail resources and our tax dollars.

  19. What the actual fuk. Where do you live? If USA please let me show you how to get this cheaper from the manufacturer. Damn this shit pisses me off. Hail capitalism

  20. But if you mean perfectly as in you must nail it karaoke style...give me one reason by Tracy chapmen.

  21. Ima make them listen to 7 minutes of stairway to heaven off key...but every word will be correct

  22. Thank you for having integrity. Kudos to you. Best wishes to your clients...they have a great representative

  23. Do you feel you get to enjoy more pop tart? I see nothing but pros here

  24. Fertilizer shortage. Experts know about it. The public not.

  25. People are full of shit...composting waste will always be an option.

  26. Today in Montana gas is $3.99. Ya all need to talk to your state about your ridiculous state gas tax.

  27. This kinda looks like a collection...did you inspect the coins?

  28. He looks awfully old for a pacifier. Have you looked into getting him his own place?

  29. I don't think businesses are smart to be political. I drive uber. I don't do politics, religion, and sometimes even sports. One rider insisted, I told him I didn't talk politics. He kept pushing. I finally said, " listen, we live in a country where you can like who you want and I don't have to be a fan". He grabbed me by the neck, shoved me up against my window, choked me and broke my pinky finger. Fuck trumpers

  30. Too bad they don’t have other non-lethal weapons they could use. If only they had some sort of alternatives. What a shame…

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