1. I would be super upset if I spent that kind of money on a laptop and the battery goes to crap that quick.

  2. i've got razer blade 2018, had to replace battery and both coolers.

  3. I had to replace both coolers after 1 year working at angle on official razer dock.

  4. Half of Tekken's size comes from cinematics, as long as you aren't playing story mode or anything like that you're free to delete the folder containing them

  5. Yup, there’s cinematics from all previous games with small exceptions plus some additional arcade intros

  6. I think, Valve has to update its policy for partners. EA games and Ubi returned to steam, cuz their stores suck. So why do we still have to struggle with them?

  7. Welcome to the Cult of Razer!

  8. Same thing happened to me after the latest updates, but samsung tv is newer

  9. As i saw in another topic, you should connect Steam Dock to TV, and then re-plug steam power cable. Then it's resets somehow. Worked for me.

  10. Maybe someone with better military understanding can be a little more helpful. Say we use a $450 dollar phone and 50$ GPS tracker. What number of enemy combatants must be destroyed for the $500 to have been well spent? What is the value of 1 Vatnik soldier?

  11. No body found - no value, no compensation☺️

  12. As i saw in another topic, you should connect Steam Dock to TV, and then re-plug steam power cable. Then it's resets somehow and u finally have picture on tv. Worked for me.

  13. I see the Dock Update flicker then disappear. It seems to be "looking" but doesn't find anything. Maybe they pulled it back?

  14. Steam Dock stopped working with tv after update

  15. As i saw in another topic, you should connect Steam Dock to TV, and then re-plug steam power cable. Then it's resets somehow. Worked for me.

  16. Somehow i managed once to connect to tv, but can’t do it again. Looks like it has something to do with latest dock update (that was pulled out?)

  17. I’m not sure which but 3.4.2 or latest official dock update breaks output to external display. Display just flickers and couldn’t detect any signal

  18. 100k dead russians can argue with that statement

  19. So just die already will ya?

  20. '1984' for the one side and 'brave new world' for the other. It's awesome that we have these books.

  21. Could add Fahrenheit 451 to that list

  22. Few years in and i’m still struggling with clean inputs. That’s nothing to do with stick microswitches. You weren’t born in arcades, you know, it takes lots of time and practice.

  23. Don’t you have some friends to play with? Keep second for some guests!

  24. Had to transfer injustice 2 to the other drive, install this and move I2 back. Space difference is about 3gb afterwards. Nice delivery optimization NRS

  25. You forgot to mention elite marines lost to airsoft players in first 3 days

  26. I'd like to see characters from Japanese games only, anime style so called. I hate when some chars break overall aesthetics and out of picture

  27. Razer Blade 2018 advanced - had to replace coolers and swollen battery, now coolers start getting noisy again. Likely cuz they are working at angle on official razer dock stand.

  28. On the other hand i had no problems with Panthera, Panthera Evo. Very durable arcade sticks. Razer Siren Elite has premium fill, no complaints. Basic Deathadder, viper mini, cynosa lite are functioning fine.

  29. Was expecting magic 4 to connect, did not(

  30. Disable vibro in game settings, use medium graphics preset and mb proton experimental instead of 7.0.4. That will allow u to have stable 60fps most of the time.

  31. i'm not sure about 7.0.4 or current experimental proton, but on previous builds game tends to freeze after first landed hit, was some issue with vibration

  32. One more warning: there was an idea on this sub, like you should get 2 x 90°, instead of one 180° (it's not wide enough for deck).

  33. I was expecting some freshness. Instead few of my favourite chars got robbed and I got nothing instead. + random lag spikes are back.Disappointed so far

  34. Where did you find that arcade machine below Kazuya???

  35. It’s stylized piggybank from street fighter x tekken special edition

  36. I'm playing since T3 back when i had PSOne. But mostly I had to buy them anew.

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