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  1. I didn’t text her I got one of her friends to ask because I didn’t want to bombard her with texts and she immediately responded to that friend with a very easy lie of her mom is sick so she can’t go. I honestly really feel like shit rn and Everytime I try to connect it to social anxiety I feel like I’m just lying to myself to feel better.

  2. So wait her friend asked her and she said her mom was sick? That doesn’t strike me as a lie. She’s probably just dealing with a lot. All you can do is give her space and wait.

  3. The longer I wait the more the mom being sick solidifies a bit more. Like her whole family was supposed to be at the play and they didn’t go so that might be the case. Btw still no response. Her friend is going to talk to her and is happy to do so cause she thinks I didn’t do anything wrong and she’s just being a bit off at the moment.

  4. I cannot help but I’m commenting so that ur post gets more attention, so you can get the help you need. :)

  5. I just posted on this subreddit (I don’t have social anxiety myself) but if u could give me advice about this girl I like who does it would be greatly appreciated. (Don’t feel obligated too I understand u have a life too)

  6. Don’t knock it till u try it… asmr. U don’t need to listen to the whispers or whatever just listen to casual noises. On YouTube this channel names Vito Asmr helps a lot and has no talking. Helps me sleep and clears my mind.

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