1. Oh boy, this pleases me.. slowly creeping towards that fucking bridge and the strangulation of Orc farces.

  2. Wagners can't take part in fight if they have to change location. Even forcing them to change bases is a hindrance to their war effort.

  3. So, if we're on the same track here.. we literally ask that tiktok guy to geo them and then mist the Wagner's into flower food?

  4. I'm saying that even if the only outcome of revealing their location is that they will move to a different location, it's still hindering them.

  5. Oh for sure, disruption of forces, nixing their supply lines and generally harassing them into well laid traps is going to happen.

  6. That documentary has a pretty good looking gunner's mate in it, so you must be right.😳👀🤭🤐

  7. What exactly does a gun that big actually do to your organs when it fires?

  8. It all depends on whether or not your organ is a Hammond or a Roland.👀

  9. If you're gunna burn as a heretic, this is how you'd wanna go..

  10. Our money is being hoovered up by the corporations as profit. It's going into offshore accounts that the UK tax system can't reach.

  11. I used to sit in my room and read, at great length, the entirety of my Grandads Encyclopaedia Britannica along with comics and Stephen King novels, play the Fighting Fantasy books and generally, fill my skull up with utterly useless information.

  12. When this opens the amount of local traffic that has to change via Southampton central for Portsmouth/Fareham route will greatly benefit the mainline services, allowing for a faster through route.

  13. That was the moment, Ozzy may be marmite but fuuuuck.. Black Sabbath.. what a finale!

  14. Well, we've run out of water, electricity now costs the same as a Tesla, our government has fucked off to fuck knows where, all crime is legal on a Friday night between 7-12 due to the lack of Police officers, everyone is now dying due to rogue scooter riders and foxes are moving into homes to become pets.

  15. Or a Muslim black gay trans kid hasn't been strip searched yet

  16. On a serious note, who in their right mind ever decided that strip searching children was even acceptable? And the racial bias is astounding.

  17. On a serious note, who in their right mind ever decided that strip searching children was even acceptable? And the racial bias is astounding.

  18. Mate, you paid £60m for someone who is yet to look up on a football pitch. Calm down.

  19. We once paid a huge wad of money for Andy Carroll..*shudders*....

  20. Scoring the winner against Everton in the FA cup semi final. 35mill well spent!

  21. Bet she is getting a team together to go make Putler a corpse.

  22. Just ensure that you pay your staff a decent wage with acceptable paid time off. It really is that simple.

  23. On the off-chance that this is a post from the UK, Is that the Waverley?

  24. In the UK, London especially, there is evidence that urban foxes are self domesticating themselves into peoples gardens and accepting the care of humans. Maybe, with all the environmental issues in the wild, the animals have decided that we are their best bet at survival. Possibly the most ironic twist in evolution.

  25. Imagine the Captain, "worry not Comrades, this ship is utterly unsink...." *ship sinks from Harpoon hit*...

  26. Orcs best turn those pesky little dishes off, hadn't they. Or leave them on, either is good.

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