1. The more I think about it the more i think he might just stay. He’ll only have to share air with Daniel Levy for a couple of minutes to tell him to fuck off. Spurs work with a director of football (currently suspended) and I can’t see Ange being keen to relinquish control over transfers. Those two things alone might be enough to put him off.

  2. Definitely possible and I think this is the only thing that could halt it.

  3. Hmm. He's a scot so I'd say cash, but you're a scot so there's no chance of that. 🤣

  4. He's gonna bomb at Spurs and this isn't a dig at Ange as I rate him as a manger. That job is a fucking poisoned chalice. There's expectations at Spurs from the fans and the board that the board just can't back up with support to a manager. Like getting sacked for not winning the league up here with Aberdeen.

  5. He went in at Celtic and said "you NEED to let me do my thing and give it time and I promise results", he will have done the same here I'm sure.

  6. Married to a teacher in Scotland. This 100% sounds like a composite class and it normally comes from a lack of teachers or a smaller particular class.

  7. Jokes aside virtuous mission never failed, it was all planned by CIA except for the fact Volgin LAUNCHED A FUCKING NUKE in his very own lab.

  8. Since I was reminded of this, I've got to ask because it bugged me for years as I didn't understand this (probably too young)

  9. I'm a truck driver, and folk don't realise but I can see pretty much everything that's happening in your car due to the height.

  10. Do lorries with backup cameras have the video streaming in the cab while driving normally?

  11. Yes. However, the older the truck, the less likely the camera and/or screen is to be working because it's one of those defects that 99% of companies wouldn't fork out the money to repair. I reckon the probability nosedives after 2 years.

  12. If you're attractive then it's flirting. If you are ugly OP then they think you're creepy.

  13. I don't because of cleaning. Since having kids, they make am absolute mess, I try my best to get the worst with a napkin but crumbs remain.

  14. Road markings aside, It can be a dangerous manoeuvre if a car is waiting to emerge from said junction, and pulls out due to the car turning left. They risk being smacked by the overtaking car.

  15. They can not withhold pay for time worked. But (and I'm not 100% sure about this) if they have taken more holidays than they have accumulated for that year, I think they can recuperate from the last wage(s).

  16. Someone mentioned Methil and it would be a close second but fir me personally it's going to have to be Cumbernauld. Like the fairy pools of skye , it's magical.

  17. Didn't even mention Shotts, are you even Scottish? Smh

  18. If losing a couple of meaningless games is what’s needed for the board/management to see we need to vastly upgrade in some spots, then I’ll take it (although this is indeed heavy shite)

  19. Whilst simultaneously losing to us on purpose just to instill a false sense of security and the belief that we can compete. Only to lose the league by 40 points next season.

  20. I did Jury Duty about 2.5 years ago in Scotland. Filled out an expenses form and got pretty much everything back, maybe lost a few pounds on mileage.

  21. I feel like Il Volo - Grande Amore from 2016(?) Had like tens of millions of views before the contest.

  22. Genuinely said to my brother I wasn't sure if I'd enjoy football again after that.

  23. I ride all year round (triumph street triple R if you're curious), don't have a car.

  24. Thanks so much for taking the time. I don't mind paying the money required for better/safer gear.

  25. Bet there's plenty of windy, cold rain in the dark too

  26. Definitely, at 3am especially. I don't know much about types of bikes but I wonder if their are some built with specs with my preference in mind? Super tread on the tyres or something lol

  27. Blood Starved Beast was the inspiration for Madeleine Wuntch.

  28. What’s the difference between never seeing it before and absolutely never seeing it before?

  29. Only a Sith deals in absolutes.

  30. Sounds like you had 1HP when the charge move was thrown. Charge moves do 1HP of damage, even if you shield.

  31. Don't know what's more insane, that that is a feature or that I didn't know that.

  32. I've banged the Greg Docherty drum a few times and always get downvoted but the boy would have blossomed.

  33. NAH. As a father I can't begin to imagine the pain and coping youve had to go through, I'm so sorry.

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