1. Based on the comments in this thread, it seems they actually have product worth buying without being pressured into selling.

  2. Who is they? The Americans who designed the knife and are selling it? ....Those shifty Americans.

  3. 🎵 I bought a lotta shit on the web Put it on my card, cred Now I’m in debt 🎵

  4. All these people calling out meals that take a bunch of ingredients, take a long time, or are expensive enough that you can't practice. Seriously, how is Whole Roasted Chicken with Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing and roasted vegetables a 'total beginner' dish? That's Thanksgiving Dinner!

  5. Is no one commenting on how someone close to Renner (either medical staff or familial relation) released this picture likely without his consent?

  6. Easy on the conspiracy theories. He's been posting all of his recovery picture himself.

  7. Honestly I’m kind of with you. Not sure if it’s the lighting or something, but they don’t look good

  8. Other thing I'll mention about Weber is that it'll last you damn near a lifetime. Customer service is crazy responsive and quick to solve issues, and parts are still available to rebuild your old 30 year old Genesis grill, which is why they have such high resale value.

  9. Here's the original footage that was used for the commercial!

  10. I only stir the risotto occasionally. Not even frequently, and definitely not constantly.

  11. I've learned to stir riotto only once, at the end very vigorously once the rice is al dente.

  12. Do you add all the broth at once? If so, you really aren't making risotto, you are making rice.

  13. What's risottos but rice that has been stirred to the point the all the outer starch has rubbed off to thicken the stock?

  14. I can, but it’s not as comfortable or convenient as my other thoughts. It’s also not something I would want to sustain all day. I feel like that would be exhausting.

  15. Same here. Just tried talking to myself in my mind, and it's exhausting.

  16. Can you please explain what your thoughts are like without an inner monologue?! I am stunned right now

  17. When you watch a movie, do you need someone verbally telling you what's happening to understand what is going on, or what characters are feeling?

  18. I'm seeing this, but it's still better than Weber brochettes, right? I feel like it's the best option I have. I don't know what I should be looking for

  19. Depending on what you want to cook, briquettes are great for anything 500F and lower. Low&Slow, Smoking, Roasts, Chicken, Burgers, sausages.... It's pretty reliable and steady. A chimney full will last you the exact same amount of time every time, and your dampers will reliably let you hit your target cooking temps every time.

  20. See, my partner would make two equally sized sandwiches for us, eats half of hers, and then has me finish off the rest. Every single time lol.

  21. I do that when I cook for my wife. I make two equally portioned plates so it doesn't look like I'm trying to cheat her out of a portion of good food, but I know I'm going to end up eating half her portion, so I'm ok with my plate being smaller than I'd want.

  22. And 1 grape is cheaper than 1 banana, but that's not a very good comparison.

  23. Right, like the 95% of Americans who don't get enough fiber in their diet:

  24. Considering a huge part of their income comes from stock payouts that are tied to vesting periods, that's definitely no surprise. If you were promised $200k of stock as part of your annual "salary" that you couldn't sell for 3 years, and the value of that stock drops to $42k, you've essentially just taken a 79% pay cut by the time you could actually cash it out.

  25. They’ve two years if they don’t grow.

  26. That's essentially how Tesla survived until profitability.

  27. The power that a street light consumes is orders of magnitude lower than what is required to charge a car at a reasonable speed.

  28. Just looked it up really quick, and an average residential street lamp is run in a chain with about 10-12 lamps on a single 120v/30a circuit.

  29. Probably chucked it over the building to try and flank but why just get on top

  30. I was thinking that she tried to chuck it on top of the building and overshot it

  31. One year I made a giant platter of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and brought it to a Super Bowl party. Half strawberry jam and half grape jam. On white bread cut in half. At first everyone laughed and was like what are you 7 years old? That giant platter was the first one gone. The next year everyone was a bit disappointed that I changed it up and didn’t bring the PB&J.

  32. Oh man, I haven't had a pb&j sandwich in years. Now I really want one with a tall glass of cold milk

  33. I still feel like that's a band-aid for the real problem of her one-shotting continuously. Peele can't deal with widow even when we know where she is out where she's looking. You still need to get to the objective at the end of the day so you can't avoid her forever.

  34. Maybe her shot charge should not be indefinite, but begins to "overheat" after 3-4 seconds at full charge.

  35. What's the difference between YouTube and TikTok/IG? Both allow anyone to create and share videos publicly or privately, follow other users, comment, like, post status updates to people who follow them.. The content is just richer on YouTube.

  36. That definition would cover literally every website other than news outlets, businesses, and personal blogs.

  37. I'm trying to figure out what websites do not fit into those buckets aside from forums. Github?

  38. What about executive director? Another middle management title?

  39. All depends on who that person is interacting with.

  40. New Orisa is just anti fun, that much CC is not enjoyable to be on the receiving end of. Constant mini stuns and being pushed around especially if you’re playing the tank. And she just doesn’t die

  41. I personally love being a tank against an Orisa who keeps trying to bully me around while I focus all my attacks on the healers supporting her.

  42. I thought that yarmulke and yamaka were different things until I was 25. Same with dachshund and doxon (until I was 22 or so I think)

  43. Wait! That's how it's pronounced?! This is the one in this thread that has truly blown my mind.

  44. For 30 years, I thought the L in Portugal was silent, like Portugo. I've pronounced it this way my entire life and it sounds close enough that nobody ever corrected me, and I thought that's how everyone else pronounced it

  45. Why would they risk the monitor to test the stand?

  46. If that level of impact is a risk to the monitor itself, there will be way more failures as it gets shipped around the world. Standard ship test is that a box gets dropped up to 8 times on different sides at a height up to 2.5ft. That's a way harsher impact to the monitor than a light slap on the back. Imagine your average Amazon driver who will just throw your box into your front step.

  47. I got fired the same month i was employee of the month.

  48. My old company's employee of the year award was cursed. Within 2 years, every employee of the year ended up leaving the company, either forced, fired, or quit.

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