My husband is cheating on me with my best friend

Suffering from a broken heart

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  1. Ain’t it the truth!!! Oh, he knows. And he enjoys when I’m naked. But, he wants the best of all worlds apparently…

  2. Do you really think couple's counseling is going to help at this point? Sounds like he'd only be doing it to placate you, while finding ways of hiding his activities better. He apparently sees nothing wrong with what he does, and has no intention of changing his behavior.

  3. Looking for the story where a woman finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her, and, as a revenge, she turns herself into his perfect dream woman, waits on him hand and foot, cooks his favorite meals, fulfills his every sexual fantasy - all while secretly arranging a job transfer to Europe. Then gives him one last goodbye bang and poofs.

  4. Damn, this is so horrible - reminds me of the poor teenage girl, who shot herself in the head, survived and had to get a face transplant. Used to be really beautiful, now looks like... someone with a face transplant. And the pain and related health issues sure weren't a piece of cake, either.

  5. I would sell the land and fix up your house (not his dad's). Be very careful with the money - consult a lawyer, even. As far as I'm aware, inheritance stays separate from marital assets, unless you invest the inheritance into communal assets, and then it passes into shared property.

  6. He is more than double your age, there is no way this will not end in disaster!

  7. It was a combination. People forget now, but Britain was still the biggest capital investor in foreign countries up until like the 60s or 70s. Between the UK and US, a ridiculous proportion of capital was coming from English speaking countries.

  8. It's easy to invest capital if you have stolen it from your colonies beforehand. It's not like it's your money you invested...

  9. Hey, it's not like you guys didn't try.

  10. Yeah, I know, when Wilhelm II suddenly tried to claim his "Platz an der Sonne", the whole world cringed. 😂

  11. It's more sloppy than filthy. You could work on being more organized, and putting things away as soon as you're done using them, as well as doing your best to clean up your kitchen within a reasonably short time after meals.

  12. Also, i would hate to live and maybe raise children with someone who was that strict about order. Kids should be allowed to make messes, without OCD cleanliness Nazi mom standing behind their backs, yelling at them to clean up right now, or else.

  13. Oh god, I'm so so sorry for you - maybe the stepsister's conscience will catch up with her, and she will come clean before he has to spend too many years in prison. She is too young and dumb to realize the consequences of her actions now, hopefully that will change when she gets older.

  14. So don't talk to him. You are under no obligations here. He's not your family.

  15. Or put them in a box, in case you ever do want to read them for closure.

  16. Childcare will be “free” You will receive 250/month tax free for Kindergeld (child’s money) and that will offset the costs of child care for after school program or a year or “pre-school”. Just to answer that part.

  17. Are you sure she will be eligible for that, as a non-EU citizen?

  18. For psychology, Münster is a pretty good deal, regarding value for your money. Freiburg is supposedly the best, but also pretty expensive.

  19. Machen wir. Ich bin gierig und will mehr

  20. Und scheiss auf sie, die das ausbaden muss. Glaubst du, sie hat nicht genauso wie du die Schnauze voll und hätte gerne mal Zeit für sich? Könnt ihr nicht regelmäßig Großeltern zum Babysitten drankriegen, damit ihr beide mal ausspannen könnt?

  21. vielleicht hat sie dazu ja Gelegenheit, wissen wir ja nicht aus der verfügbaren Info

  22. Wenn er sie immer wieder austrickst, und ihr mehr Kinderhütezeit aufbürdet, ist das wohl kaum der Fall.

  23. Who the hell wants to go through all of that faking a romance with somebody who's betraying you in the ultimate way?

  24. I think there once was a post like this here, where the cheated-on girlfriend turned herself into his absolute dream woman, waiting on him hand and foot and fulfilling his every sexual fantasy, while secretly preparing her transfer to Europe. Then she just left and ghosted him. And watched him go absolutely nuts. (The less amusing part was that he actually tracked her to Germany and flew over and wouldn't accept that she had moved on.)

  25. Unfortunately I don't currently have a therapist so I'm looking for a new one. I've only had the chance to met with one possible new one but it was very obviously not a good fit so I'm still looking.

  26. They are ways to be manipulative, controlling and emotionally abusive, which could still look like being a great mom on the outside.

  27. If she wants her first time to be with someone who has absolutely no clue what he's doing and will probably make the whole thing more painful and uncomfortable than it has to be, that's absolutely her choice to make! But then she should break up with her poor bf.

  28. When I was a kid, 'go play in traffic' was an insult that every kid I knew understood meant 'you're stupid enough to do something to get yourself killed' and nobody actually did it.

  29. I kept rooting for the cars. I am a bad person.

  30. You forgot his army of german dogs.

  31. No, no, he did it all by himself, nobody else knew what was going on at all!

  32. Thanks for the reassurance. The things she is saying are factual statements but I think her acknowledgement of skin colour might make people uncomfortable. It’s a tricky one.

  33. Maybe tell her that some people are sensitive about their skin color, and that it would be better not to color chart everyone right away?

  34. Well, it was on the Pete Seeger In Concert LP my dad always played to me when I was a kid. What did you learn in school today, Little Boxes, we shall overcome... I could sing all the lyrics, even though I was a little German who didn't understand a word of what she was singing. 😄

  35. Still have to fight tears every time I hear "By the waters of Babylon" - some songs just totally punch you in the guts.

  36. Idk, i don't like bringing dogs into my cats space. It breeds behaviour issues. You're asking to bring the cats predator to its safe space.

  37. Isn't it more like bringing a potential abuse victim into its predator's space, to get beaten up and hissed at? I've never seen an encounter where the dog won...

  38. How is Austria not in "Future Germany"? 🤔

  39. Your sister has the right to cut contact, especially if you/ your mother are intrusive, meddling and overbearing. Unless you suspect her partner was abusive and cut her off from her friends/ family - and it doesn't sound like it, if she is living with friends now - you should leave her alone until she decides to make contact. Any attempt to push back into her life will only alienate her further. She knows where to find you if she wants to.

  40. We are not overbearing at all. My mum is in distress and I've been worried too. Theres more to it than just this.

  41. Wow, yes, this is absolutely vital information!

  42. I'm not the most clean person myself, but I stop short of becoming a health risk. The state of affairs you describe could mean all kinds of bugs or other critters that could transmit diseases - or even just infest your daughter's hair and move in with you. I'd invite the other girl over, if your daughter wants to play with her - maybe showing her what a house is supposed to look like will help normalize her perception for the future, so that she will do better.

  43. I wasn't trying to be I haven't flirted with a woman in so long so when I met Lexie and she was being flirty I decided to just have some fun with it I didn't think it so escalate this far plus it was Lexie who asked if I wanted sex. I love Ryan, and I really like Lexie too and I want to stay with Ryan and continue being close friends with Lexie but I didn't mean for it to go this far

  44. Lexie may have asked to have sex, but she was acting on incomplete information, BECAUSE YOU HADN'T TOLD HER YOU WERE IN A RELATIONSHIP!!!

  45. Just drive back home to sleep - or don't go to her place during weekdays, when you need your sleep, just on the weekends, when you can sleep in. Tell her she can't just dictate all aspects of your relationship - "I'm not coming to see you, you have to come see me, and the cat stays in the bedroom!" - every partnership means compromise, meaning she'll have to get her ass in gear and come see you occasionally.

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