1. I’m shocked at how easily torrenting was erased from public consciousness. I hate the phrase psy-op, but the way people have been convinced to forget that digital media fits no previously existing definition of “property” is absolutely a psy-op.

  2. This seems to be a first-world thing, it is still alive and well in the third world.

  3. I've never seen an unironic tradcath poster here and yet every day someone is upset about the tradcaths who are apparently crawling all over the sub

  4. I found 2 occultist schizos on our sister sub who use Christian language, one of them was a Neo-Nazi LARPer who claimed that Jesus was an Aryan Guru who actually preached about Hindu Philosophy and Esoterica, the mfer overdosed on "Nazi Occultism" pages on Wikipedia.

  5. Disney / Marvel humor infecting everything. Not talking about the jokes themselves (although yes, they’re bad) but how allergic to tension those properties are. Comic relief is fine, but it shouldn’t be peppering every scene.

  6. In my fantasies you wrote this so effortlessly because you live your life like it’s a marvel movie... constant shit eating grin and one liners even when you step over a couple homeless guys mixing together 20 cigarette butts to make a new one as you walk home.

  7. Quando você acha que chegou no fundo do poço e chega o Biroliro com uma retro escavadeira.

  8. Isso tá mais pra submundo do que fundo do poço.

  9. Japan has some of the strictest anti-cannabis laws in the world, and the highly conservative government probably means that the laws won't change anytime soon.

  10. The majority of Asian countries do, this is because of the stigma of the Opium wars.

  11. Amazing that it wasn't, "WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED?"

  12. Facebook is conservative maybe by virtue of not being a series of completely closed off/walled in liberal circle jerks, but by and large most people I know there are still spitting dozens of the most Daily Show sociopolitical takes you can imagine every single day.

  13. Calling anything “intellectual” or “intelligent” makes you sound like a colossal loser. See IDM as well (just call it electronic music, weirdos!)

  14. I had/still have (he has been offline for years) a very pretentious friend who wrote a wall of text trying to explain to me how IDM was different from standard normie DM, and how Aphex Twin was in fact very deep

  15. Forgot to say that he actually got angry when I called Aphex Twin as average "DM" lol.

  16. If by "most countries in the world" you mean Western Europe, sure.

  17. No, US Democrats are considered right-wing even by South American and Asian standards, the only geographic regions they would not might be Africa and the Middle East.

  18. At first I thought the nametags had usernames, so I looked up "Jesyka" out of curiosity because it was the first one I noticed. I was wrong about the nametags, but that did lead me to this piece of 2007 Internet Randomcore gold:

  19. Right? It really took me back, it has all the ingredients. The edgy Hitler link for no good reason, the :P :P :P faces, the corny nicknames. Blast from the past.

  20. Evangelicals believe the allies of Israel will get a free ticket into Heaven during the final war when Israel is invaded and Jesus comes back. So you gotta support Israel unconditionally or the US doesn't get into Heaven. That's the only reason, there's literally nothing else to it.

  21. Religion-aside, another reason is the simple contrarian mindset of "Leftists and Muslims dislike Israel, therefore I like them" without anything deeper about it.

  22. Anyone who posts a picture of themselves crying (especially if they took it) is a sociopath

  23. Isn't there some research suggesting that most CEO's are sociopaths?

  24. It’s trad Catholics who don’t actually go to church or follow any tenets of the religion but use it to shame other people

  25. Never forget Jo Bench! she's both a bong and a vegan, and yet somehow she is still admirable and a great bassist who played in the best Death Metal albums of all time.

  26. Tell me, what is the "European" language?

  27. Don't be s dork. Certain English words have different spelling in the UK. The UK is part of Europe. However I was pointing out the misspelling of the word "photo" which is short for photograph. I guess that was a little too nuanced for you and went right over your head.

  28. Then you could have said "Is foto the British spelling?", because you did not specify any country in your comment, just "European".

  29. No, that can't be, American Redditors told me that the Netherlands is a pre-2018 Tumblr-esque liberal-progressive utopia they want to immigrate to!?

  30. 😴🆁🅴🆂🆃😴 👇🅸🅽👇 🍑🅱🆄🆂🆂🆈🍑 🤣🅻🅼🅰🅾🤣

  31. I made a subreddit where I was saving links of blatantly racist shit against whites / asians like this and Reddit banned it for violating the hate policy lol

  32. BeholdtheMasterRace has changed over the years, 4-ish years ago they also commonly made fun of Black Hebrew Israelites and other Hotep groups who hate White people and Jews, currently they excuse these same groups, apparently if you're not White it's fine for you to show hatred towards White people, Jews, and Asians because your ethnic group suffers due to inter-generational trauma or some shit.

  33. Yeah lol the whole point isn't to get wypipo to die off en-masse, it's to turn them into money printers they can milk, ditto with all other ethnic groups, racial grifting can be seen among all races.

  34. Simply put, fatwa is a legal ruling in sharia law. The fatwa "against" Rushdie, issued by Ayatollah Khomeni, was a ruling that stated that all Muslims have a religious obligation to kill him for his grave blasphemy.

  35. Can the New Left please stop making excuses for, and covering up for radical Islamofascists. Case in point: the Orlando Shooting. When Trump comes off looking like the strongest defender of gays (yes I know it was cynical manoeuvring on his part), that's not a good sign for Democrats.

  36. See the Reddit comments about this incident, countless comments saying that "ackshyually, Christians sorta do that same thing too!", whenever incidents of Islamic terrorism occurs, redditors flock in to remind you that "Christian extremists" are as bad as they are, absolutely moronic behavior.

  37. Whenever I ask doomerburgers which country they are looking forward to move to they never reply, which one are you interested in?

  38. Using Aotearoa, when speaking in English, has been ruined to me by the same people who say "Deutschland" instead of Germany or insist on saying Mexico with the Spanish pronunciation

  39. Depends the country you live in, in South America and Eastern Europe piracy is extremely common, you do not need to use a VPN to torrent stuff if you are in such countries, but it is still nonetheless useful just to make sure.

  40. I live in Ireland and never had issues here so that's another for the list.

  41. Oh yeah, some Western European countries are also very fine with torrenting, such as Iceland, Spain, Switzerland, and some few others, not fully sure about Ireland though, but it seems to be fine I guess.

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