1. 11k: 1 tapion 0 goku, stop crying, that's a fucking gacha. It's normal. Accept it.

  2. Youre problem is you expect to get them. Not how it goes. 10k shaft? Thats nothing, child play really. Ive gone 40k deep on UI omen goku and didnt get him.

  3. 40k crystals and people get him easily with the guranteed LL summon once you login 30 days.

  4. I’d like to think their gonna keep Shallot at SSJG because their gonna make a huge reveal that he was the original SSJG that they mentioned in Battle of Gods. I know thats a stretch, but I am somewhat confident in that theory, since I called it from the beginning that Zahha would be the mastermind.

  5. why is dodoria, goku and ff frost used? am i missing something or are they trolling?

  6. I pulled so many good lfs that I have been wanting including 6 star Mui Goku and Tapion,but in so fucking bored because this game is and always has been so bare bones in content

  7. 1000 cc pulls all should REQUIRE to have atleast 2 SP's guranteed. I actually have uninstalled this game after spending a few hours to scrape together 1k crystals and getting hero characters.

  8. My Middle School starts at 7:05. Have to reach 7am stat. 5AM if we want to play sports.

  9. Custom? Like, actually type up your own message? Not possible

  10. Zlevel and BR ain’t the same thing bro

  11. Gameplay's right infront of your eyes. Not sure if you should have a "feeling" by now.

  12. Dude, you went in with no equipment and a team that has almost no sync lol. Yeah, you're just bad. Sorry.

  13. Summon on the SSJ3 banner, double z power is valuable especially for a new player like yourself

  14. Okay. Going to receive 1k cc from a mission, so hopefully I'll be as lucky as those who got tapion and ssj3 in one summon, lmfao

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