1. Probably Kayne Turner. You just can’t keep him down, you delist him and he still comes back

  2. Everyone needs to chill. Easy to say in hindsight but Dimma had some absolute disasterclasses at the start of his tenure and came good. I would argue Carltons list right now has more potential than early 2010's Richmond. Plus if they did boot him who would come in?

  3. My memory might be off, but wasn’t there an attempt to overthrow the club admin or something and then Dimma pretty much had one year to get results the year of that first flag?

  4. Honestly, last season I didn’t want the ball anywhere near him. I just knew he was going to line up the check side directly infront and kick it on the full or something.

  5. Legends are still canon to me, they are just folklore and stories told in passing. The galaxy is a big place, maybe some of stories happened, maybe they didn’t

  6. Is there are number 1 draft pick that comes with this?

  7. I’ll manage my expectations for the rest of this year, but beyond that, things are definitely looking good. I think this year we get 1-2 more, with some close losses in there.

  8. Happy anniversary, belated. This has also happened to me on another Warner Bros. game Hogwarts Legacy, where I can't finish because I can't collect everything. I let them know, too. I've been waiting since last April for this ( I wrote them 6 times ). I won't hold my brearh

  9. Same boat with both game. Is it the wand glitch in HL aswell?

  10. A team was held goalless and it WASN’T us? What is this place?

  11. This is incredible. Hopefully you keep posting updates, would love to see it progress

  12. There’s actually a bit of space for you to do stuff with. Maybe 2-3 animals?…a Cock and Bull’s perhaps?

  13. I don't get a say in what's on anymore. So it'll be Frozen, Encanto, Bluey, or Digimon.

  14. The That's Good For Footy Panel Show is unironically the best footy show out there. The guy is a great host, it would be fun to go and see one taped live.

  15. Assuming you’re around Melbourne, they filmed them at Precinct Hotel in Richmond a few years ago. They wernt too bad to goto

  16. But how much does your four month old like a purple monkey in a bubblegum tree?

  17. Man I’m sorry, that is awful…but the tag “Install/Placement” has me laughing

  18. Still locking the ultra HD to the highest tier, which I like for the projector, except now I’m paying for “4 screens” or whatever which won’t get used because the people who I password share with can’t use it

  19. No it's not😭 go to Italy and more young people wear puffer jackets than don't. Same with the UK and plenty of other Western Europe countries

  20. Its a joke. It’s a Melbourne cliche that everyone wears a puffer jacket compared to other Australian cities

  21. Checked across at Facebook. Hundreds of dickheads making the same 3 jokes: condolences to him and his family, never wanted to play finals anyway and who? There are a lot of miserable pathetic people in the world. It’s great news and gosh I hope he can hold up a cup one day.

  22. Yeah Facebook,Twitter and the likes are just a bad time all round.

  23. No one is that stupid that they think this is ok, surely

  24. Fuck that’s a long contract. I pray it doesn’t backfire for north on the injury front, this kid is a gun and someone the club can build a team around

  25. Given how this year has gone, his leg might fall off tonight with our luck

  26. I’m honestly not pointing fingers at particular players, clubs or anything, but for me, if i stayed at a struggling club and went on to win a flag, it would mean more knowing I was a massive part of that.


  28. Robert Harvey snapping his plantar fascia by repeatedly jumping off his table with the intention of snapping it.

  29. He had like a part tear in his heel which was causing some pain, and the club wanted him to rest a few weeks for it to heal.

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