Is Slavery legal Anywhere?

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  1. I really don't like that site. Nearly impossible to find anything for mobile. Plus it wants you to login even for downloading things

  2. Thanks, if were have kinda the same taste do you have some games to share with me? currently playing lessons in love.

  3. i really like to play haramase simulator, but that game didn't got updated in years. Aurelia was pretty good too.

  4. Lisa ( rpgm ) , I'm really loving it ! The Night Driver , it's a unity game , but man you have to check it out.. it's unique ! the artstyle , the atmosphere and storyline are all awesome !


  6. You don't sound crazy. I mean i know people that have some starwars light saber on the wall and they are almost 30. Just have fun. If people ask something about, you can literally say, it's for a small cousin when comes to play or anything or simply say you are a collector. I bet there are many people that collect vintage toys or some like that. Have fun playing!

  7. I tell you a secret, you can be chtistian and watch porn too. Masturbation is a completly normal thing that everyone does.

  8. Your are not a weirdo, your text sounds really cute, i guess it's just bad luck

  9. Yeah, I actually took some inspiration from some of the cool features of Yandere Sim, such as the npcs and overall tone. But other than that it's a completly different thing

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