1. A designer baby is a baby whose genetic makeup has been selected or altered, often to exclude a particular gene or to remove genes associated with disease. This process usually involves analysing a wide range of human embryos to identify genes associated with particular diseases and characteristics, and selecting embryos that have the desired genetic makeup; a process known as preimplantation genetic diagnosis.

  2. I personally did not find her decent in Gully boy, she was one of the weakest links.

  3. Kyuki wo Samson thi ab Ibrahim hai (not commenting on religion obviously) but on relationships and partners.

  4. They act like they’re doing us a favor going whereas Kim and Kendall at least acknowledge how blessed they are to be there.

  5. how come vogue in other countries are SO GOOD and american vogue sucks like 😵‍💫🫠 anyway these look amazing

  6. Really? Mere ghar k pas ek masjid hai waha pe kuch din se har Friday jo azaan dete hai woh toh charity mangte hai logo se ki do paise aap se jitne ho sakte hai do. And badmai announce bhi karte hai Ki kis aadmi ne kitne paise diya and sath mai jis cheez k liye di for eg ma baap ki sehat k liye dua, business mai barkat. I am non Muslim toh mujhe nahi pata aisa hota hai ki nahi.

  7. That's not zakaat. That's for the betterment of masjid (charity for the infrastructure) and it's not obligatory to pay. Well obviously whenever Muslims donate money for a charitable cause, they include their family ones aswell by even just naming them as Muslims will get benefits of it until the masjid is present there

  8. Oh ok but the person who announce seems to pressurize people a little bit. Maybe that masjid is in need of financial help. IDK I hear it from the loudspeaker.

  9. Bismillah, bismillah wala barakatila is complusory before starting to eat a meal. surah quraish is optional and I thank Allah aswell for providing us halal meal. These Ibrahim's thooo 🤐🤐🤐

  10. Ibrahims are also planning for Ramzan. List is as follows

  11. Smoking is prohibited in Islam. Janab ko pata hai ke yeh dekh kar unke followers haram comments karenge isliye edit kiya hua hai.

  12. Lol it's not. I'm a Muslim I know better. Cigarette's ko harmful bataya gaya hai but it's not prohibited. Yes! Mr.starlet is definitely blurring the pack to secure their gharailo image

  13. I’m a Muslim myself. It’s prohibited. It harms your body. Anything that harms your body is prohibited in Islam.

  14. Did any of you notice DKIs stomach. Theres no chance shes only 4.5 months pregnant.. shes definitely in her 6/7th month of pregnancy.. she will deliver in a few months and then claim that it was premature and probably will blame the public and gain sympathy and make some more vlogs on all this..

  15. 6.5/7.5 month main kaise bol sakti hai??? Everyone knows that's impossible to deliver a healthy breathing child at the literal start of 3rd trimester

  16. So? If they have been terrorizing India, it ought to be shown. Where’s the lie and what’s this excuse? Your loyalty lies only and only to your own country

  17. I just don't understand this thing at all?? What's the reason he's being bashed for?

  18. What do you not understand? That his loyalty doesn’t lie to his own country?

  19. But I assume if his movie is showing Pakistan in -ve light then it must be showing India in a +ve light

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