Extension cord hack

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After United Airlines refused to pay for his broken guitar Dave released a complaint diss track which caused the Airline's stock to go down 10% and lost about 180 million.

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  1. Yes! The majority of wire is attached to the struts with metal brackets and a few with zip ties.

  2. I don't have a source but I was told the manufacturer does not approve of using chase nipples as a connector.

  3. Your lack of source means you are wrong. You show me a code in the NEC where I violated code compliance and I’ll buy you a beer.

  4. I’ve never seen one hole straps in a panel before.

  5. I know people are going to shame, but working with 250kcmil or higher it does help for wire management. Especially in this situation of doing circles around the panel.

  6. They turned a standard recessed panel into a feed through panel, with very little wire left from the original feeders. This was the “best” solution my foreskin and I could come up with. Improvise, adapt, and overcome, I guess.

  7. If a journeyman asks you to grab a shovel for underground grab two. One for you and one for him.

  8. Oh shit I wish I knew this one.

  9. Nice piece of advice, right? One of my less lazier journeymen(about to retire early as well) told me that. I grabbed two shovels and his ass told me that he taught me something and that’s more valuable than helping dig.

  10. My boss used to come by the site for a list of materials we needed. Of course we didn't have ANYTHING to write on. We used cardboard a lot and one time my evil coworker wrote the list on a demo toilet seat lid. Boss laughed and took it to the supply house and put it on the counter. The guys there knowing my boss and us just shook their heads and laughed.

  11. My foreskin hated anything written on cardboard, one day because I thought it was hilarious I had my order written on a 2’x2’ piece Of Sheetrock in nice sharpie

  12. This is a video some counselors show addicts in rehab to show how addiction starts and can end

  13. Hey, I just applied for Local 280. Do you mind if I ask what your ranking was? Also, got any advice? Thanks kindly.

  14. Make sure you pass your test and be confident in your interview. Also if you’re capable apply for all 3 zones.

  15. This is some great info, and I like the recommendation of asking that question. Certainly there are concrete answers for some questions related to the number of applicants per year, rank and percentile score, average number of deferments per class, all of which would give you a good idea of your actual chance of getting in.

  16. Dude 48 has had some serious calls in the last month or so. 78 isn’t that bad because this summer is going to be busy as fuck.

  17. Take a piss, drink water, brush teeth, and fall asleep to a movie with my tv timer on for 1 hour.

  18. It doesn’t matter if it’s staged or not. The whole point of this sub is that what happens is “unexpected.”

  19. Is there not a possibility for you to reapply as an apprentice? Take what experience that you’ve gained and use it to actually get into the apprenticeship program? Sorry if I sound dumb but in Oregon there is only material handlers and apprentices.

  20. Wow. I made this video. I can't believe it made best of on this page. I'm honored.

  21. Don’t forget he attached it to a 40 amp breaker. So at 60 amps he should be good at 80% of the rating of the breaker. He should just buy a 100 amp breaker and twist on 5 yellows. Seems legit.

  22. Its really not the end of the world, Especially for an installer. If your there to replace that panel then the HOMEOWNER would be responsible for getting those cabinets out of your way. No extra work involved here. And if someone asked me to service it id just tell them no.

  23. Right… but a wooden/Sheetrock door, no dead front, in the kitchen , and the top of the panel was covered by the cabinet. No metal cover or even a dead front. Just saying it’s not an issue for the installer. But the existing is a complete fire hazard.

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