1. I think this is due to the new time and weather system and the new car models (I remember from one of the trailers you can do stuff with the engine or something)

  2. Of course he was that fucker had his hand in everything

  3. You say asshole design but this looks a whole lot like Google workspace (I might be wrong) but I think they only do this when you have an unpaid invoice on your account

  4. If you are a student, Zbrush has a discounted monthly plan

  5. Or get maxon one for basically free

  6. I think it looks fine if he was in motion and if he was in motion he would have motion blur

  7. You have no motion blur the sky is lit incorrectly (go outside and just take a picture of a sky the looks something like what would light this scene)

  8. Have had only EKWB water cooling parts, my GPU block O-ring straight up failed, on a 2080ti, it still worked but it corroded two of my ports on the back of the card and ruined the hdmi on my oculus which I can’t use because of it, they offered to replace the card only if I sent it to them which I wasn’t able to do because this pc is for work and couldn’t afford the time lost if the card was still working, they sent me a new block, also my Res leaked from the led lead port for all the G4Mer RGB that I have never used and is now covered in silicone to stop a leak that showed up when I siliconed the rgb cable I would never liquid cool again, since I have put a noctua cooler on a 32 core thread ripper and I was stunned by the performance

  9. What render do you use and how come your dof is really really good

  10. i have cinema 4d downloaded but havent gotten around to trying it. blender scares me too much haha. my native software is solidworks visualize

  11. It’s all scary when you don’t know how, don’t let that stop you from learning if you are planning on building this into your pipeline to render products I know from experience C4D works well with Cad models and has redshift built in now but blender also has eevee which is realtime but don’t be scared of it especially if you are only using it for rendering products

  12. thank you very much :) do i need to download any outside renderers for cinema 4d? when i installed it i was recommended to also install autodesk arnold for rendering, but i couldn't figure it out. is the default program good enough? also its good to know that c4d is good with cad models since all my models come from solidworks

  13. Yeah so in the new version of cinema 4D redshift render (cpu) is built in which is very good but I personally use Arnold with it

  14. I have 2 computers running houdini and Deadline. I use the second one to render with Redshift, but you can also submit any job that Houdini can output with a ROP node. So I can submit a FLIP sim to my second machine and let it go while it's writing cache files to my NAS. I can load those up on my main machine and work with them while it's simming the rest.

  15. What Houdini license do you need for the second pc?

  16. How? The sun is clearly overhead and her arms are on the armrests … the sun would have to be low in the sky for it to cast a shaddow like that and there would be other shadows in the shot, like you know the lounge chair on the ground??

  17. Because they didn’t shoot it with one light

  18. Y’all do realize both have video filters and the one in the music vid is probably actually more well done/harder to catch

  19. No the music video is done by a VFX artist not a “filter”

  20. How did you get into it first was it a bit of a hobby of where you knew a hit of after effects and applied that to your engineering knowledge or did you decide to set out to make this a business for yourself from the get go

  21. How do they do this? Is it CGI? Or a program of some kind?

  22. Many different ways they could have done it but usually just some VFX artists manual labour

  23. I may not agree with what you say but I'll defend to the death your right to get relentlessly bullied for it.

  24. So i am aware of how Photogrammetry works but the mesh in your video gives me strong VDB vibes. Can you give some overall insight into how the software generates the mesh ?

  25. The software doesn’t it’s from the LiDAR sensor in the iPhone 12/13 Pro

  26. Tried starting off in 3D with Houdini and no matter how much effort I put into it I couldn’t seem to crack how it works

  27. No I’m sure they will be very understanding

  28. Would be cool if someone could get a Clint Eastwood impersonator to redo all of Arthur’s voice lines

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