1. Love that model with the factory alarm key near the stingray emblem. It's gonna sound wicked with those side pipes.

  2. Congratulations on your new purchase! Glad he let you take it.I know nothing but I posted all the things wrong with mine from sitting a couple days ago.

  3. 74 body style, 454, T-Tops, side pipes, Yellow paint. Absolutely perfect car, look forward to hearing more about it. Would love to see it if you ever find yourself in Northwestern PA.

  4. You mean the exact opposite direction of the largest Corvette show in the world?

  5. Is this for a mid Michigan community college because this looks awfully familiar. One thing I did buy though is the DeWalt 192 piece mechanic tool set, about $185 from Amazon. I've moved onto BMW and have yet to break a single socket, upgraded to snap on ratchets though that I got though the student program

  6. Ahh, ok. If you also need to move the car then you may want to see what it would cost to have the car towed where you need it.

  7. The nice part is if it does need to be towed he just picked up a 2022 F250 platinum three weeks ago, so we won't need a tow truck. Lol. However I am a tire tech at a reputable tire shop so I can get plenty of parts at cost

  8. Thank you! Sorry for spamming the thread but this means so much to me I appreciate as much input as I can get.

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