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  1. It's also the Netherlands flag but upsidedown, this is often done with various flags to indicate distress

  2. You do realize that people like Elon Musk because of his ideas and achievements and not because of looks, right?

  3. I would like to direct you to the United States Strategic

  4. As the drum roll started on that day, heard a hundred miles away a million shells were fired and green fields turn to grey!

  5. That's not what they're saying, people are saying it's dangerous 100% of the time no matter what when that isn't the case

  6. אחי זה מילואימניקים הם עושים מה שבזין שלהם

  7. Sorry, my Hebrew sucks so I went to google and I got "Dude it's reservists they do what's in their cock", my knowledge of the IDF (or any army for that matter) is purely technical and strategic (what strategies they use), but I assume you are Israeli so I'll take your word with a grain of salt

  8. in their cock == whatever they feel like

  9. The term "tank" is really being stretched here, but I assume this means no M10s

  10. If you were shelling a guy he should have figured it out and fired on you before you could give up, depending on how much AP you fired before giving up.

  11. Ik, "had I forgot to use HE the other guy most likely would have gotten me", the guy was shelling me too

  12. that's how i feel for pretty much every country. "hate the government, love the people."

  13. Before the IDF pulled out of Aza in 2014 the Arab and Jewish populations seemed to live fine together but then people like Hamas and the PLO moved in post IDF-pullout and radicalized the Arab population forcing the Jews to leave.

  14. Israel is 1% of the landmass of the Middle East… 99% of Middle East belongs to the Muslims.

  15. As a Jew I deem this funny and I grant everyone here permission to repeat it. Ya know, just in case

  16. I was thinking it would be more of a soldier or civilians perspective of the Iron Dome in action

  17. What? Like a gracing angel protecting them from above from an ever existing threat? Maybe.

  18. That could work, or maybe someone sees the missiles heading their way and watch as the Iron Dome saves them? Or maybe we could listen to a song from the eyes of a Israeli soldier who has worked on the Iron Dome system. All else fails it could be a song about the first time the Iron Dome was used, could be like a more upbeat and heroic tune

  19. Kinda what I had in mind, but adding adding the religious bit bc Israel is very religious and is ver important religiously to a lot of people

  20. I wasn't arguing, I was commenting, there is a difference.

  21. Wow you got mad, and my grade 5, 6, 8 and 9 health class was Sex Ed and since we finished the male stuff early we spent the rest of the time learning about the females, so there's my free sex ed, and as you said quote "I got mine when I was 11, I was an early bloomer", and how the fuck would I have known that sperm effect hormones? Also you only needed the first mini-paragraph and the second paragraph. For fuck sake when someone is trying to understand a issue that is complex don't be an asshole.

  22. You see some people have this idea that some how the Jewish State is run by Nazis........they had like one SS dude in the Mossad but that's it

  23. They all look great! My favorites gotta be the M4A1 followed up with the M1A5.

  24. I don't remember if there was a green skin for the M1A5 but I picked it because it was similar to early Israeli tanks

  25. A Storm over Europe unleashed, Dawn of War, a trail of destruction!

  26. Israel is not European, even if some of the people emigrated from there. Most Israelis are Middle Eastern in origin.

  27. For this reason NATO needs to change their name, they have at least 10 members with no access to the North Atlantic

  28. oh right, and a neckbeard is I guess someone who has a beard on their neck? if so, doesn’t that make most men neck beards?

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