1. What was the update? How long did it take her to get out of this phase? Ours just started this and I'm already tired

  2. Your doc is outdated. Stick to the 6 month recommendation, or later if baby doesn’t show signs of readiness (these are described on Solid Starts and good head control is only one component). Baby cereal is also outdated and unnecessary.

  3. Your mindset is concerning. Babies are biologically wired to fall asleep after a nice meal. Affection and comfort are crucial to a baby’s wellbeing. Parenting doesn’t stop at night. I think you need to learn how often babies actually wake up and then maybe you’ll be able to cope better. Sounds like he doesn’t want to be separated from you at night which is NORMAL. Follow heysleepybaby on Instagram.

  4. Sounds like she may be stalling and this could be due to not wanting to be separated from you once she’s in bed. Ourmamavillage on Instagram goes into this.

  5. Ew just another thread of the sleep training industry that makes parents doubt their instincts. No. Nursing to sleep is biologically normal. There’s a reason babies get sleepy at the breast. My 7.5 month old is nursed to sleep for almost every nap and every night at bedtime. It’s not a “bad habit” or whatever “association” bs statement sleep consultants say. Pretty sure cave people nursed their babies to sleep and other moms for millions of years.

  6. Pediatricians are wild these days. You do not have to parent with your pediatrician. They are taught specifically to diagnose and treat diseases in medical school and residency. That’s it. They do not learn about sleep habits and attachment styles of children. She is speaking way out of turn. Again, this is a parenting decision not a medical decision. Continue cosleeping because it’s what works for your family and let her treat your kid’s cough and ear infections.

  7. Also curious to see stories. My baby is 7.5 months old and I’m so miserable. Always thought I’d want 3-4 kids (pre kids lol) and now am seriously considering only one.

  8. Just curious what struggles you are having with your 7.5 month old. My 8 month old is so much fun, though I was MISERABLE the first 5 or so months.

  9. Nothing my daughter needs to be “changed” for. It’s my PPD and the monotony/boredom of having a child is too much to bear for me most days. Even if I’m trying to do things outside of the house.

  10. I’d see a pediatric dentist to assess for a lip and tongue tie. That’d why my daughter’s latch was incredibly painful and causing bruising. I also saw a pediatric PT to address her tongue stretch and stretches for body tension.

  11. Just fyi. The longer you swaddle, the longer the Moro reflex remains present. Baby needs to integrate that reflex hundreds of times before it goes away and suppressing it only prolongs it.

  12. Sounds like the dog needs to be in another room when baby is on the floor. It’s not the dog’s fault. You have to be vigilant as a dog owner with a young baby.

  13. Are you seeing an IBCLC specifically? Are they coming to see you in person or you going to them? Has baby been assessed by a pediatric dentist for a lip and/or tongue tie?

  14. Thank you. Everyone says it gets better with time, and I have to trust that, but it really feels like no end in sight. I worry that not letting her "cry it out" and potentially being "too" emotionally supportive, if that's even a thing, is making it worse? I feel bad for dad, too. He would love to bond with her, but lacks the deep well of patience I have.

  15. It’s a myth that you can be too attached or emotionally supportive of a baby. She is a baby that has no concept of anything but you as her mom. You were her safe place for 9 months and the world is a big place that she is still figuring out. She can only do that with the safety net and guidance of an attentive parent to fall back on. Thinking your 6 month old has the mental capacity to “self soothe” or “figure things out” on her own is BS that’s sold to parents. Babies cannot be independent. They need you and will need you well into childhood. It’s a season.

  16. That's what I believe as well, it's why I'm always there for her. It's just hard to not look at what seems like everyone else able to leave their baby for a couple of hours with dad or a caretaker and to hear that they "sleep 12 hours". I can't help but wonder if this is normal, if I'm causing damage somehow, or if something is going on developmentally. Maybe I just got "one of the fussy ones", as someone in my life had put it (which didn't feel very good).

  17. You can never be too safe with a dog and a baby. People are way too lax with their dogs and children and that’s how bites happen. Dogs and babies do not need to be friends, just able to coexist. Continue keeping baby away from their dog and follow your gut. You are clearly the only one looking out for baby’s safety.

  18. I have bedshared on and off since my baby was about 1 or 2 months old and she’s now 7 months. We clear her area of any pillows or blankets. I have a pillow for my head. I lay on my side with a pillow between my knees and one behind my back in the “cuddle curl” position with my arm between her head and the pillow. You cannot swaddle a baby that bedshares. Don’t feel guilty. A lot of parents do it and don’t tell anyone and when something isn’t talked about, people don’t know how to safely do it.

  19. I’m sorry but this is normal. You can’t force it. I ended up bedsharing to get some sleep.

  20. You are so attentive to your baby, it’s so clear by everything you wrote. I’m sorry your family is making you doubt yourself but you are an incredibly mom that’s in tune to her baby and their needs. For reference, my 7 month old has never napped in a crib, it’s always a contact nap or sometimes stroller. We wear her in an Ergo carrier for naps. She sleeps with dad and me at night in bed. She just needs closeness and that’s totally okay. Keep doing what you’re doing and you and baby will get into a groove.

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