AITA for calling my fiancé a jerk?

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I don't need it, I don't even necessarily want it, but I've got some cash to burn so I'm gonna get it.

*Lowers face into palm*

Did somebody say 'Murica?

I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

Are you being serious right now?

  1. I also took the test on the 19th and it says On hold also! But I didn't receive any emails from ETS.

  2. Where are you from? I am from Iran and the same thing happened to me and I took the exam on October 19.

  3. Is your appointment status "Tested - Scores on Hold"? My status turned to "on hold" today. I took the test on 7 Nov and the score gate date is 22 Nov. And I find "hasAnyActiveHold":"Security" in the source code

  4. See that was my thought, but I didn't know how well that one would go over with customs.

  5. You can also say you have one for work and the other for personal use. This usually works.

  6. My gosh. The hate over me not getting a vaccine for a cold with a 99.9% survival rate is appalling. And I’m the stupid one lol.

  7. My healthy 35 year-old brother died last year in an ICU bed due to COVID complications. You clearly don't know your stats, and you don't know shit about biology, immunology/immunopathology and honestly you shouldn't come to Brazil if you're going to act like a selfish bitch. You have no idea how bad Covid was here.

  8. They don’t have to live in a massive house like they are currently

  9. Yes, but they feel like they have to in order to keep the Vivint MLM illusion going.

  10. Nobody knows the size of house their door to door alarm salesman lives in

  11. Oh this is not for the customers, it's to attract recruits/downline. If a recruit sees their upline living in a big house and driving a nice car, they'll think "that could be me in the future, I'll join the company and work hard so I can make that kind of money".

  12. I bet Patrick was a delivery person. Moving packages from Brazil to the US. Me thinks thighs dad knows.

  13. Please explain how he affords a Tesla and an expensive house in Dallas if he’s broke and living off credit cards?

  14. He works for Vivint (house security MLM), for sure the company encourages him to show off a higher lifestyle, so he can recruit more people under him who will be impressed by the Tesla, the house and all that.

  15. I mean, Juliana was/is absolutely stunning, actually DID some legit modeling, but still had to yacht girl it up to make ends meet and to provide for her family.

  16. On her ig she said that her dad owns a truck business, providing services for construction sites, and that she would help him in his truck company. She also said she was going to college for nutrition and doing modeling gigs on the side.

  17. I'm brazilian and I started applying for the Visa around January/February. By then, the closest interview dates available were in November. However, I logged in my account of the scheduling website every day (especially in the middle of the night) and closer dates began to pop up. I was lucky enough to get an interview scheduled for that same month. I don't know how different it is in your country (if it would be possible to do the same), but I hope this gives you a bit of encouragement!

  18. She's so immature, I don't see this going far. After a while being just pretty/hot isn't enough to maintain a relationship. At some point Patrick will snap (he kinda did in the snippet of the next episode).

  19. THIS! People act like Patrick is doing John a favor, when in fact he needs him under the current arrangement situation. For the mortgage and for work (if I remember correctly, John helps him at work). In the meantime, lil princess Thais is just sitting around complaining and not helping.

  20. This show is heavy on traditional gender roles. It’s almost never even a topic on how a bride will financially contribute once they get a green card, but always front and center when it’s a foreign husband.

  21. That's true. A great example of the opposite gender role is Thais. She doesn't help out and no one expects anything of her. She's given a brand new house, a dog, food, doesn't lift a finger and still complains.

  22. YTA. You intentionally ignored her several times, lied to her about being at an after-party and was this close to cheating on her (taking girls back to the lodge). Turns out she wasn't overthinking at all.

  23. She’s not rude or demanding. She just said she doesn’t want parties at the house when she gets there, lol.

  24. If it were only for the party thing I would be fine with it, but the whole location and security camera sharing and him not being allowed to train female coworkers is a bit much. Maybe it doesn't make her rude, but definitely makes her demanding and over the top jealous.

  25. Okay so you work in Brazil I suppose. Do you think that 60% of all workers in Brazil work for under the national minimum wage? Somebody wrote it and I really think it's bullshit but I wanna hear your opinion.

  26. Brazilian who lives and works in Brazil here. I also think it's bullshit. I don't know where they got that data from, but from what I looked up, average income in 2021 was $2587. They say income instead of wage, cause there's a lot of ppl with multiple informal sources of income/jobs. I work in the health field, and using the nurse example, it depends. I know nurses who make $1500 and nurses who make $9000. It depends on where they work, how long they've been working. Public employment is big here. Public workers who have been on duty for over 10 years get big salaries which aren't always compatible with others in their field (teachers also fit that example).

  27. Isn't $2587 referring to household income rather than per person? Honest question.

  28. As a Brazilian girl in SP: vodka is popular among those who don't like beer or who are into clubbing/parties, especially girls. In recent years, gin got a lot more popular (gin & tonic and other pretty drinks with gin). Caipirinha is still popular, but not as much as it used to (and people prefer to have it with vodka - caipiroska).

  29. NTA. He has trust issues/insecurities if he's going through your texts. And his reaction was out of proportion.

  30. NTA. The website and domain were gifts, but after that you were pretty much doing all the work with her. Unless she takes you in as a partner or hires you, you're working for free. If she insists that it's her own business, then maybe it is a good thing to step back and only help occasionally. It's a bit tricky to mix professional life and personal life.

  31. Uhm I said "all the work WITH HER". She could be making crafts all day, if she doesn't manage to advertise, sell them and do the financial work, it's useless, it's not a business.

  32. Yeah, I am not in any way defending the OP but the language they used confused ME so I can see if that is how is was presented how it could also potentially confuse them. I wish people understood that not everyone interprets everything the same and trying to get the gist of a situation via text isn't always perfect.

  33. I agree. You can still think she's the AH while thinking that the guy didn't communicate clearly. She was obviously confused and asked more about it, but all he could say was "it's my daughter's"? Is it so hard to explain to your fiancée the full story? A small part of me thinks that maybe he was embarrassed to fully disclose that the house wasn't his. They definitely had some communication issues.

  34. NTA. The only reason they got mad is because rabbits look "cute" and they'd feel bad about eating it. Hypocrites really.

  35. I agree... And then she definitely didn't help to set the mood by going into the money issues and talking about the ring like that. Like wtf.

  36. Thank you for your concern, but indeed it is a lot more complicated than that. Brazil has had a long history of corruption with previous parties, causing people to become fed up and try to look for something new, a "savior". Bolsonaro catered to these people, especially to an older generation, who see him almost as a flawless God, when in fact he's a piece of shit. His "fans" are truly fanatic, they're constantly active on whatsapp/telegram groups, spreading fake news and going on protests wearing the Brazilian flag. The situation rn is very polarized. However, different polls have been showing that he has chances of losing this year's elections. Let's see what happens until October!

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