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  1. Great, now I want to see somebody grab Citrine + Corufell model and recreate the Red Trailer. Memories...

  2. The funniest shitposts always have waaaay too much effort put into them.

  3. Good God. It feels like Jet Set Radio x Devil May Cry x No Straight Roads/Mad Rat Dead with some mid-2000s/Sunset Overdrive-esque cheese. Neat.

  4. This feels like direct pandering to this sub and I gotta say it's working.

  5. The bounciness and squash-and-stretch, the particle effects for reactions/gestures/motion exaggeration, the way the faces exaggerate, the exaggeration in general. Looks great, holy hell.

  6. if you're engie then you can also stack 4 pancakes next to it vertically, then attach a 5th one to the bottom horizontally (so that it's shaped like an L) to give the scout a platform.

  7. What if there's no walls close to it to put platforms on in the first place (unless you're meaning to start from the floor). Top of the ceiling, just sitting there all by its lonesome lmao.

  8. no, you misunderstand. you make a stalagtite out of platforms, then attach one to the side so that it's shaped like an L.

  9. Having a similar problem. Found only two people in an online newbie lobby (because I'm an Xrd/general FGC noob) but they both left rather quickly... and I haven't had any luck finding Discords or Rooms that didn't immediately stomp my ass without any time to react before telling me to fuck off and git gud lmao.

  10. god i need him in strive. hoping he's next after delilah or whatever bedman stand-in we're probably getting in march

  11. Same. I want to torment people with Pilebunker to show people what real "Strive Damage™" looks like lmao. If his damage doesn't look like Strive-launch Sol's damage, I'll riot.

  12. No way they keep BDC with a Dash Macro lmao, they gutted backdashes from Xrd to Strive due to the Dash macro making backdashing incredibly easy and available during pressure.

  13. I keep on forgetting that the Dash Macro exists lmao. Strive is my first FG but I never use it because I can's find a good place to put the button and again, I just keep on forgetting it exists. Who knows wtf they'll do with him, I can't walk two steps into a Slayer-player space without hearing about BDCs and how much Slayer needs them everywhere.

  14. lmao. I'm just really used to tucking in my shirt whenever I go out to keep it from flying everywhere/getting caught in things, at this point I'm just having fun with fake outrage

  15. Still has more belts than Slayer. Slayer only really has his waistband... and then two belt buckles on his suit jacket that aren't really connected to any actual belt lmaoooo.

  16. Hello fellow Slayer brainrot-haver! 👋 Looks like I'll finally be able to practice my favorite punch-vampire with more frame leniency than +R...

  17. Tbf I want Slayer so people will forget Testaments 6P war crimes and complain about Slayer 6Ping the floor instead

  18. One one hand, (if I recall correctly) they've made the Strive 6P hurtboxes the same height now.

  19. You think Slayer isn't powerful enough to restyle his hair with a thought?

  20. lmao. Styling into whatever looks best for the camera at the moment! Some kind of camera only he can see, but got to look good for it nonetheless.

  21. A fellow Warframe-Tumblr (or as some call it, "Warframeblr") user. I've seen this thread on my own dashboard lmao.

  22. I love the idea of the corpses or pieces of dead gods still retaining divinity and serving a purpose after death.

  23. This reminds me of this one Tumblr post I found, but goddamnit I can't find it again... I don't think the original poster used any tags and I couldn't find it on her blog no matter what words I used lmao.

  24. I was thinking of that exact post too. I'm sure it's somewhere in my Tumblr likes. There was another more recent one comparing dead gods to whale fall that was good too.

  25. I think that was a reblog on the same post, actually! I remember the OP being transmechanicus, while the reblog that compared it to a whale-fall was Bogleech... Wait.

  26. Nope, a three bar Spinach Install gives a screen-wide stun and changes up the music


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